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Welcome to LEDLight.com
LEDLight.com is your source for top quality LED Lights that are both economical to operate and environmentally friendly. The wide range of products include home LED Lighting, automotive LED Light Bulbs and low voltage LED Lamps.  We also have a complete selection of flexible LED Lighting, LED Tube Lights and LED power supplies. We offer Free domestic ground shipping for orders over $50 and pack your order with Biodegradable materials.
A19 Dimmable LED Bulb
18 SMT (3 Chip) Standard Light
Flexible LED Light
Flexible LED Light
12 SMT
Tower LED Light
12 SMT Tower LED Light
T12 T8 LED
Tube Light
T12 T8 LED Tube Light 4 Foot 15 Watt
MR16 3 Watt
LED Light
MR16 Three 1 Watt LED Light 12 Volt AC/DC
Ultra Bright SMT
LED Light
T10 Wedge 5 Ultra Bright SMT LED Light
Did You Know?
LED Light Bulbs save 90% energy, last up to
60,000 hours, are cool to the touch,
unbreakable and save time and money.
Not only does that lower your electricity bill,
but it lessens your carbon footprint and
helps fight global warming.
900 Lumens
Reg. $69.99
Now $39.99
18 forward 6 side LED's
1156/1157/BA15D Base
Reg. $8.99
Now $5.99
2.5 watts. 150 Lumens.
Reg. $24.99
Now $14.99
CREE Led 2000 Lumens
120 Volts AC. 24 Watts.
From $43.99
9 LEDs. 110 Lumens.
12v 3.3 Watts.
From $9.59
140 Lumens.
Uses only 6 watts.
From $23.99