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Repeater Amplifier 3 Channel 12 Volt DC Common Anode

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3 channel RGB constant control, the max current of each channel up to 5A. Can be used with 12 VDC tube lights and flexible strips, our 12 VDC automotive lights, or your own 12 VDC light source. 5 amps per channel. The controller operates 12 VDC. Works great in applications of business spaces, airports, subways, lighting for hospitals, hotels, marketplaces, dining-rooms, signboard and billboards, bars and clubs. Unlimited synchronization of 3 channels of colors. Up to 11 feet of 12 VDC tubing or 62 feet of flexible strip can be operated per 3 channel repeater. Can only be used with common anode products. Please use part number 74324 for RF controlled synchronized LED Lighting. Any 12 VDC product can be synchronized using either the repeater or the RF controller.
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Radio Controlled Red/Green/Blue 3 Channel Controller Common Anode
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Radio Controlled RGB Controller. Up to 150 foot wireless operation. Can be used with 12 VDC tube lights and flexible strips, or our 12 VDC automotive lights. 5 amps per channel. The controller operates 12 VDC. Batteries not included. Common Anode.
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