Information on LED Lighting Products

The LED Light Bulb saves 90% energy, LED lights last longer up to 60,000 hours, LEDs are cool to touch, LED Bulbs are unbreakable, and LED Lighting saves time, money and the environment.

Using a 3 Watt LED Light versus a 60 light bulb will save you $405.01 Per LED Bulb at 11¢ per kWh/60000hrs. Most of the LED Lights sold by are CE and/or UL listed.

If every U.S. household replaced just one standard 60 watt bulb with a LED Light bulb it could save  24,184.4 mega (million) watts per day

LED Lighting Life Span and Energy Usage Beneficiaries Vs. Incandescent Lights

LED Light

 (1.3 Watt Light Bulb)
1.3 Watt LED Light

Incandescent Lights

Life Span

How long will the light bulb last?

Greater Than 60,000 Hours

1,000 Hours

Number of Bulbs Used over a 60,000 Hour Time Period

1 LED Light Bulb

60 Light Bulbs

Bulb Cost



(60 Bulbs At 67¢ Each)

Electricity Usage

Over a 60,000 Hour Time Period

78,000 kWh

36,000,000 kWh

Cost of Electricity



Total Cost

After 60,000 Hours



Total Savings

Residential incandescent light bulb cost vs. LED Light cost


Total Savings

Commercial  incandescent light bulb cost vs. LED Light cost

Labor Costs $65 per hour, Boom lift $350 per day, Operator Pay, etc.  



Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: What are LEDs?
LEDs are Light-Emitting Diodes.

Q: Do we carry a catalog?
A: Yes, we carry both a Household Catalog and Automotive Catalog and Low Voltage Catalog.

Q: Do LED lights screw into standard household light sockets?
Yes, LED lights are direct screw in replacements for household lights. You unscrew your incandescent light bulb and screw in your LED Light bulb. You do not need to redo your electrical system to use the LED lights.

Q: Are automotive LED lights direct replacements for automotive bulbs?
Yes, the LED automotive lights directly replace the automotive bulbs you already have. You remove your incandescent light bulb and insert your automotive LED light bulb.  You do not need to redo your electrical system to use the LED lights. The LED Bulbs are specifically designed to replace that incandescent light bulbs used in your automobile, motorcycle or RV.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase to try LED Lights within the United States.
A: No there is no minimum purchase. Policy

Q: Do LED lights have a warranty?
Yes, the LED lights are warranted for a period of one year, but they can last a lifetime! Policy

Q: Where do we ship to?
We ship anywhere in the USA and 24 other international countries.

Q: How long does shipping usually take?
Shipping time varies between service. Orders are usually processed and shipped the same day before 12 p.m. during a business week. The shipping carriers that we use are United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS).

Q: Would we ship out of the United States?
Yes we ship to 24 countries listed in the policy and checkout page.

Q: What about returns?
LED lights can be returned within the first thirty days of arrival if you are unsatisfied with the product. There is no restocking fee for all returns. Policy

Q: What is the difference between white, cool white and warm white?
LED Colors


Q: Do LED lights generate heat?
LED lights generate very little heat. They are ideal for kitchens, dens, offices, or anywhere you are working in close proximity to a standard light bulb.  That is why LED Lights are so energy efficient.

Q: Do LED Lights work with dimmer switches?
No, some LED lights will work with dimmer switches. However, lights that run on 120V AC are not dimmable. They do not have a heat sink design that takes the heat from the LED Light. The dimmer switches waste so much energy that the LED Bulb will glow or flicker when they are turned off, if the LED bulb is alone. There won't be a flicker if you have LED lights in a series though. Dimmer switches leak because of the TRIAC which is why so much energy is wasted.  

Q: What do load equalizers do to the LED lights?
The load equalizers keep the flashers from flashing too fast or flickering. 

Q: Can LED lights be used in the outdoor weather such as rain, snow, cold, heat?
Yes, the LED lights can be used outside all season. The LED light bulbs are CE and/or UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. 

Q: Do the LED tube lights turn on immediately compared to fluorescent tube lights that have a wait time to turn on?
A: Yes, the LED tube lights have instant turn on and there is no wait compared to the fluorescent lights that take time to light up.

Q: What is a single circuit LED light?
A single circuit has one brightness level and is commonly used for turn signals or lights that go on and off.

Q: What is a dual circuit LED light?
It's an LED light that will operate in both a dim and bright light mode creating two contrast levels. The dual circuit LED lights are used for tail lights and brake lights. 

Q: Should you match the LED light to the lens color you have?
Yes, your LED light should be the same color as the lens you use. 

Q: Does the automotive lens reduce the LED Bulb light output?
Yes, the lens can reduce the LED light emitted from the LED Bulb.  

Q: What is the difference between indexed and non-indexed?
Indexed means that the base has offset bayonets, non-indexed means the bayonets are the same. 

Q: Do the reflectors affect the light from the LED bulb?
Yes, they can affect the light emitted if they are side firing LEDs. So please choose the best LED light for your vehicle. 

Q: What LED Light works good for recessed cans.
The PAR30 and PAR38 work excellent in recessed cans.

Q: What LED Light works good in a hi-hat light fixture.
The 11 Watt and the standard ultra bright LED Light work great in hi hat fixtures.

Q: Is there a store I can go try these LED Lights out before I buy them.
A: No, we are a web-based store only, we offer no minimum purchase and a no restocking fee. Policy

Q: Which LED light is our brightest household LED light?
A:  11 Watt LED Light 
                                               11 Watt LED Light

B: 7 Watt LED Light                                                    7 Watt LED Light

C:  Standard Ultra Bright 6 Watt LED Light      Standard Ultra Bright 6 Watt LED Light

Q: Which LED lights are comparable to a standard 60 watt bulb?
A:  11 Watt LED Light                                                 11 Watt LED Light 

7 Watt LED Light                                                    7 Watt LED Light

Standard Ultra Bright 6 Watt LED Light       Standard Ultra Bright 6 Watt LED Light   

Q: What LED Lights are recommended for an aquarium?
The LED Tube Light Series.

    LED Tube Light 12 VDC                                    LED Tube Light


Q: What are the brightest LED lights for automotive?
The brightest automotive LED lights are the super flux series.
1156 1157 Super Flux 20 LED Light                   1156 1157 Super Flux LED Light

3156 3157 Wedge Super Flux 20 LED Light    3156 3157 Wedge Super Flux  

7440 7443 Wedge Super Flux 20 LED Light    20 Super Flux LED Light 

194 Wedge Super Flux LED Light                         T10 9 LED Light

BA9S Super Flux 4 LED Light                                  BA9S Super Flux 4 LED Light

Festoon Super Flux 6 LED Light                            Festoon Super Flux 6 LED Light   

Q: What are the recommended LED lights for the Honda Gold wing and the Honda Silver wing? 
The taillight uses a 7443 and you have to use four of them.
7440 7443 Wedge Super Flux 20 LED Light                   20 Super Flux LED Light  


Q: Which LED lights are suggested for RV light use?
A:  1156 1157 Super Flux 20 LED Light                                 20 Super Flux LED Light

SMT Super Flux 5 LED Light                                                5 Ultra Bright SMT LED Light  

194 Wedge Super Flux Custom LED Light                     Side Firing Super Flux 6 LED Light

194 Wedge Super Flux Side Firing LED Light               12 SMT Tower LED Light 

       LED Tube Light 12 VDC                                     LED Tube Light

Q: Which LED lights are recommended for boat use? 
A:  Festoon Super Flux 6 LED Light                                        Festoon Super Flux 6 LED Light

1156 1157 Super Flux 20 LED Light                                  20 Super Flux LED Light

       LED Tube Light 12 VDC                                   LED Tube Light

Festoon Super Flux 3 LED Light                                         Festoon SMT 3 LED Light    


Q: What kind of LED Lighting can I use for solar homes, cabins and other systems.
A: now stocks 12 VDC LED Lights for solar systems and other energy efficient systems.

LED Tube Light 12 VDC                                           LED Tube Light

Q: What kind of LED Lights can I use for 6 VDC & 24 VDC systems for antique cars, buses and other voltages that are not 12 VDC.
We are now stocking specific LED Lights in 6 VDC and & 24 VDC systems.


1156 1157 24 LED Light 6 VDCt25



1156 1157 24 LED Light 24 VDC             t25       



LED T8 Tube Light 1200 mm 300 LEDs  120 Fluorescent Tube for Buses, replaces F25P8, ...

 T8 LED Tube Light 4 Foot 300 LEDs  

Comparison LED with Conventional Lights

Comparison LED with Conventional Lights

LED T8 Tube Light VS. 40W Fluorescent Tube Light

T8 Chart

T8 Chart

Color Spectrum of LEDlights

Color Spetrum of LEDLights


Different LED Light Whites

LED Color

Different LED Light Colors

LED Colors

The 7 Shades of RGB

For more information on RGB lights please use the link to Wikipedia

  Color Temperature Chart

 Color temperature description.

Light Bulb Sizes


Light Bulb Base Sizes

Automotive T25 Base Type

T25 LED Light Base Type BA15S BAY15D

Automotive Light Bulb Cross-Reference


Light Type

Base Type

Base Description

Number Circuits

Automotive Bulb Replacement Number





17 18 37 70 73 79 85 86 2721





T10 T-10 147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 194 #194 259 280 285 447 464 555 558 585 655 656 657 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2921 2825  12256 12961 2521 2525 W5W



Miniature Bayonet


BA9S 53 57 182 257 363 430 615 756 1445 1155 1815 1819 1835 1895 1889 1891 1893 1895 6253 12814 12929 W6W 2-B 3886x





T13 T-13 T15 T-15 516 579 901 904 906 908 909 912 914 915 916 917 918 920 921 #921 922 923 926 927 928 939





W21W 21W W3X16D ECE





W21-5W 21W 5W W3X16Q ECE





T25 T-25 1073 1093 1129 1141 1147 1159 1259 1295 1383 1459 1619 1651 1680 2056 3496 5007 5008 7008 7506 7806 7527 1156 1759 3497 1156-18W





T25 T-25 1016 1034  1130 1152 1154 1157 1158 1493 2057 2357 2397 7528 3496





T25 T-25 3156 3056 3456 4156 3155





T25 T-25 3057 3155 3157 3357 3457 4157





61 63 67 #67 69 71 81 89 97 98 303 623 1003 1155 1247 1251 3497 5007 5008 12821 P21W





67 89 97 1156 12821 P21W LOW





90 1004 1076 1142





BMW 7507





1 1/4"


3021 3022 3175 6428 6430 30922 DE3425





1 1/2"


3423 3425 6411 46413 6418 6423 6451 6461 6475 6476 6418 6461




1 3/4" 


560 569 578 211 212 212-2 2122 214-2 2142 6413 6429 DE3021 DE3022 DE3175 DE3425 DE4410 12844

Please use the following Vehicle database for LED Light replacements.

Cross-Reference your vehicle bulbs!


Household cross-reference

Tube Light 2 Foot (24") 600mm 60cm , 4 Foot (48") 1200mm 120cm,   5 Foot (60") 1500mm 150cm,  8 Foot (96") 2400mm 240cm

G4.5 Medium Bi pin       T8 T12   F3004CW F40TW F17T8 F32T8 F96T12 F40/350BL F40/CWX/30/STRNGBX

FA8 Single pin Mono pinT8 T12  F48T12 F72T12 F42T12 F20T12-CWTLX-XL

Appliance   E12 E27  S14

Standard E27    A19




Please download the LED Light Load equalizer installation instructions document.

Load Equalizer drawing/ Load Equalizer step-by-step picture

Please download the LED Light Protector installation instructions document.

LED Light Protector drawing.

Easy Check

Q: Where can I find the forms for whole sale resale information?
A: Please use the following links to the forms.

Fax Mail Email Company Credit Application Form   
Company Credit Application

     Fax Mail Email Credit Card Order Form    Credit Card Order Form    

     Fax Mail Email Product Order From    Product Order Form

     Fax Mail Email Transaction Privilege Tax Exemption Certificate Form  Transaction Privilege Tax Exemption Certificate

     Fax Mail Email W9 Tax ID Form    W9 Tax ID Form

LED Light Information: LED stands for light-emitting diode.LED Lights generate very little heat, which means LED Lights are 90% energy efficient. LED Lights last greater than 60,000 hours. LED lighting last up to ten years or longer! The standard incandescent light bulb last 1,500 hours. LED Lights are shock and vibration resistant. LED lighting has a constant glow and does not flicker like the other types of lights.  The LED Light uses solid state lighting "SSL". The LED Bulb, LED Lamp, and other LED Lights are self ballasted using LED energy saving green technology which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The LED lights don't put out harmful UV rays for the environment. The EPA encourages the use of LED lighting. The LED lights emit the intended color without using a filter to do so. Please do not use florescence light bulbs. They contain mercury which is dangerous and unhealthy for the environment.  The fluorescence starter circuit can blow up by using a dimmer switch with a fluorescence light. LED Lighting is also lead-free. LED Lighting has no filament that can break resulting the purchase of a new light bulb. The LED Light can be used with a dimmer switch which may cause them to glow or flicker when off because of how energy efficient the LED Lights are. The LED Light Bulb is available in multiple colors for LED decor lighting effects. LED Lights are solid state control unlike fluorescent bulbs which have the metal on the inside that flickers. The LED lighting colors are White, Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Violet and Ultraviolet (Black light) and gradual color changing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs or color changing. The LED light different colors are also just as energy efficient as the standard white colors. LED lighting give out vivid, pure, and bright light spectrum. The LED white lights work easier on your eyes and are closer to the color of daylight. The RGB is also energy efficient and has all the lights in the light bulb. The LED Light bulb can be used indoors or outdoors such as LED landscape lighting, LED driveway lighting, LED sidewalk lighting and LED garden lighting.  Outdoor LED bulbs and LED Lamps include 7 Watt LED bulb, or the 3 Watt LED bulb, LED Globe, LED Candle, LED Flame tip, LED bulbs and LED Lamps. LED Lights can be used with dimmer switches and photo cells. LED lights are able to direct their light unlike the other lights. LED lights turn on in microseconds and are even faster in communications. LED lights save money in other ways as well since they don't take much energy they help with the air conditioner power and other energy using products. LED lights don't interfere with radio waves either. The LED lights are milli-amps (mA) compared to amps used by other lights in terms of current drawn. LED Lights are cool to the touch, unlike hot halogen light bulbs. LED lights withstand constant switching and varying weather change. The LED Light is so energy efficient that it will show the dimmer switch actually loses power when off, i.e. the LED Lights will glow with the dimmer switch off.  LED lights are also waterproof and can handle other weather such as cold and heat. LEDs don't generate any RF wavelengths that cause radio interference, or UV (ultraviolet light), unless specified as a UV diode, or IR (infrared), which in turn doesn't attract any insects or bugs. The LED lighting saves money on the cost of bulb replacement and labor costs for replacement. After one year these LED light bulbs pay for themselves.

LED Light Product Information: The LED Light comes in many different packages A60, G11, R25 flood, such as LED Floodlights PAR 20, PAR 30, PAR 38 series.  The PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, 3 Watt standard appliance light bulb, Globe, Candle have a cool white option use Cree LEDs.  Please see light bulb chart below for package type.  Most of the LED Light Bulbs are Underwriters Laboratories UL, C-U.L. and CE listed.  The Kelvin rating of a LED Light is how the color looks such as a Dark Blue Sky, or Light Blue Sky.  The Cool white LED is a more bluish white color similar to a fluorescent light, and the warm white has a similar glow to an incandescent light bulb. Please see the chart on the LED Light information page to understand Kelvin color rating. The warm white color is a similar glow to an incandescent light bulb.  The cool white is similar to a fluorescence light color.  The white is in between warm white and cool white. The LED lighting colors are White, Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Violet and Ultraviolet (Black light) and gradual color changing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs or color changing. The LED has multiple voltage configurations 120VAC, 220VAC some LED Lights can operate both 120VAC and 220VAC.  AC LED Light bulbs require less maintenance, which reduces labor costs.  The LED Light Bulb comes in many different screw base configurations.  These LED light bulb bases range from the Edison standard medium base E26 and E27 (This is the most common).  The smaller E12 candelabra base (Used for decorative lighting in hallways and bathrooms).  The GU10 base is used in track lighting. You can also use the PAR20 and PAR30 for recessed can fixtures. The LED Lighting also looks better. The LED light emits further and look better than the other lights as well covering more landscape. Other LED Light Bulb base sizes and voltages available by request.  LED Lights won't glow or flicker in a series i.e. two or more LED Lights in a fixture. Please use the online store today to purchase energy saving and long life LED Lights. You will never have to change the LED Light Bulb again. For wholesale pricing please check volume price link in the product detail page.

Household LED Lights: The household LED lights are used in all purposes for the home. The LED Lights work on both  the interior and the exterior parts of the home. All LED light products screw into standard household light sockets. Your standard light bulb base is considered an E26 or E27 and the LED lights are compatible with your light bulb socket. All LED colors also work on the light fixtures like any standard light bulb does. LED Lights are direct screw-in replacements. The LED Lights, LED bulbs, LED Lamps, and other LED lighting work excellent to replace the light bulb that you have to get a ladder to be able to replace. Whether it be in that lamp pole or hard to reach light bulbs in chandeliers,  the light bulbs in the utility shed, light bulbs fixtures in the laundry room, or garage light bulb fixtures. The LED floodlights are perfect at night-time to see the front driveway and area around the door. The LED floodlights can illuminate all areas surrounding the door whether it is the front door or the back door. LED lights can surround any area outside. Using LED Light Bulbs outdoors save 90% of the energy compared to outdoor lighting that uses a standard light bulb. LED lights turn on instantly which make it easier when you need the light immediately. LED lights are also used for backlighting in computer screens. LED lights are even in the back of TV screens. LED Lights are water resistant in damp locations and in rainy weather areas.  LED Lights are great for security and are a low cost. The LED lighting makes it possible to illuminate the area with light and have low cost in energy. The light emitted also travels far in distance. Use LED Lights to illuminate the house numbers, so that emergency vehicles can find the residence easier. The LED Lights can also illuminate the mailbox outside at night. LED lights are great for the motion censor lights around the house. LED bulbs are useful for night- time reading. LED lights are perfect for night lights, especially the blue colors, which are more relaxing. LED Lights for projectors are also compatible for any use that they may have. The Decorative LED Lighting can be used in house lamps to set a mood, to illuminate areas that need lights, or to have the LEDs to make every day things easier to see. LED lighting is also very important in the fact that it lights up anything that needs a light. LED Lamp lights are also very prominent in the respect that they light up the area, saving you money from the electricity bill, and the LED lights can be anywhere you put the LED Lamp lights. The LED Lamp Lights are very useful for mood lighting. The LED light colors also range from shades of blue, warm white, and changing multiple color LED lights. LED Lights can be used with dimmer switches and photo cells with caution. The LED Light Bulb color is superior to the standard colored lens light bulbs used outdoors. The intermediate base in LED lights are used in appliances such as microwaves, ovens, stoves and refrigerators.  LED lights are great in the kitchen since there is no heat coming from the LED Light bulbs. The LED lights also have LED tube lights that can attach to any tube light sockets. The LED Light Bulb has pure color wavelengths, which means the colors  are more brilliant and illuminate the surrounding area better. The Light LED Bulbs are safe around pets and loved ones. The LED Bulb is plastic, so it is safer for pets and people to be around the LED light bulbs. With a LED Bulb you don't have to get the vacuum out to pick up broken glass from a dropped light bulb. No more lights that have burnt out filament or a broken filament. The LED Lamp lights come in all different colors as well as the other LED Lighting products available. The LED Light Bulb runs cool to the touch which makes it safe for outdoor and indoor use.  The use of LED Lighting means you don't have to reach in high places with a ladder, or scissor lift, boom lift, or aerial lift. No more rental fees for renting equipment and labor to change a high hanging light bulb fixture. The LED lighting colors are White, Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Violet and Ultraviolet (Black light) and gradual color changing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs or color changing. LED Lighting works great for closets, stairwells, sheds, RVs, camping, basements, pantry, attics, and for power outages. The LED Lighting also looks better than standard light bulbs. LED Lighting uses less energy than standard lights used. 

Business and commercial LED Light Uses: The LED light bulbs are great for the workplace or shops. The LED Lights work on the interior and exterior of the business. LED lights create an easily visible light for customers to see in the distance. The name of the building, the building itself, or on the inside of the building as well can be brightened with LED lighting. LED Lights are great for large buildings. The LED lights can illuminate large billboard signs for night-time. LED lighting for farming such as poultry and agriculture is a great use for LED lights. It's ideal for poultry farmers to have these LED lights throughout their business. The LED lights can be used in TV display screen, in a theater, which makes the TV more energy efficient. There are also LED tube lights that can be put throughout the business without having to put up each light individually. Use the LEDs in the stairways if you workplace is more than a story high. LED lights and lighting can be used in horticulture to help artificially grow the plants and since they are safe to begin with its an overall beneficiary to the environment. The hook up of the LED lights is also better and they emit more light for the plants alone than using energy draining fluorescent and incandescent lights. Horticulture looks for safe lights and unlike the others the LED lights give off a stronger light and they keep a constant light unlike the flickering incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED lights give off more lumens per watt and the plants get the most use of the wavelengths given off of LED light bulbs. LED lights can be used for the parking lots of businesses which save the business's money when running the lights all night long for the customer. The LED Lights are also useful for creating backlighting in the computers which saves more energy from all the computers that are being used inside of businesses. The LED lights can be used as traffic lights and because they last so long you don't have to have a constant change which can cause traffic to slow down. Cities all over the US are changing to LED lights because they can reduce total costs up to 80%. LED lighting is perfect for painting lighting to illuminate the artwork. LED lights emit monochromatic light. LED lights emit no damaging UV ray lights that will fade pictures or artwork. LED lights can be used on emergency vehicles like ambulances and police cars. The LEDs can even be used in the buttons of the elevator. The LED Lights can  be used on airplane runaways for the planes to be able to see. LED Lights are used throughout airports to light up the screen displays that have all the flights listed. LED lights are small enough for circuit boards. All colors of LED lights are available for businesses including Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Violet, and Ultraviolet (black light). LED Lighting also looks better.  No more rental fees for renting equipment and labor to change a high hanging light bulb fixture.  LED lights can be protected with shatter resistant materials so the glass will not break. Certain LED Lights meet OSHA approval for lighting in elevators and food industry.

Automotive LED Lights:  Includes LED Lights for automotive purposes. The LED Lights can be used for either the interior or the exterior of the automotive vehicle to illuminate the surrounding areas. All automotive LED Lights are manufactured to ECE standards. No more burnt out light bulbs, broken filaments or dim light bulbs.

Automotive Compatibility: The LED lights work on boats, ATVs, motorcycles, RVs and quads. LED lighting works on any model of RV, ATV, boat, or quad. LED lighting works on any model of RV, ATV, boat, or quad. Any make or model of a car such as a Mazda6, Passport, Harley Davidson, Subaru, Sentra, Lamborghini, Pontiac, Mustang, Armada, Nissan, Miata, Taurus, Xenon, Spectra, Toyota, BMW, Ranger, Tacoma, Pathfinder, Thunderbird, Hummer, Escalade, Porsche, Corvettes, Ranchero, Ford, etc are all compatible with the LED lights.  

Automotive Product Information: The LED Lights operate on 12V DC.  Other special LED Light voltages available by request such as 6V DC and 24VDC.  LED Lights replace the need for continuous replacement of light bulbs. They also create lumination to see what is in front of you in perfect light clarity. The LED Lights emit lots of light for the vehicles. The LED bulbs and LED lamps are available in the different colors of Super White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow/Amber Purple (UV) ultraviolet and color changing RGB depending on each product.   The Automotive LED Lights BA9S, BAY15S, BAY15D.  The standard Plug-in LED bulbs come in 1156, 1157, 3156, 3157, 7440, 7443, 921, 194, #74, T5 wedge, T10 wedge, T11 wedge, T15 wedge, T20, T25 can be used for a tire lamp, tire lights, firefly,  valve caps, valve stem, tire flys, festoon indicator bulbs, running lights, headlights and signal turn lights on cars and motorcycles. 

Automotive Product Uses: LED Lights work for all uses of lighting for automotive purposes. You can use the Custom LED Lights for motorcycle saddlebags, fenders, bumpers, tailgates, panels, ceilings, floors, and tail lights in vehicles and motorcycles.  The interior of the car or vehicle's top light can be replaced with an LED light, as can the rear view mirrors side lights. LED Lights can be used for dashboard indicators, brake lights, tail lights, side markers, turn signals, blinkers, running lights, marker lights, clearance lights, fog LED Lights, day LED Lights. The LED bulbs illuminate the license plates of all motorcycles, cars, and boats. LED lights are also compatible for ATV and quad back plates. Automotive LED Lights can be used for the following applications such as LED windshield washer, LED screw lights, and LED door guards.  Automotive LED Lights can be used for wheels, tires, rims, spokes, and hub-caps.  Please use the online store today to purchase automotive LED Lights and you will never have to change the automotive LED Light again. The LED lights also replace the cost for replacing expensive lights for specific cars, vehicles, boats, ATVs and quads. The LED lighting is also more efficient for the use of boats, ATV, Quads, and Motorcycles and such because the LED lights last so long there won't be a need for a constant change or repair. LED Lighting also uses less energy than standard automotive lights. LED light emits in the distance making a path easy to see. The LED lights are also water-proof so in the water, with your boat, they will last an extremely long amount of time. All the LED Light products are waterproof. The LED lights will last much longer with the moisture resistance and because of this LED lights are a top choice for rainy or constantly damp locations. The LED lights can also be counted on when you're out on the water with your boat or riding your quad or ATV in the dirt. The LED lights cut down the expense for replacement, which in turn, saves you more money by not having to need a constant replacement or to pay for the repair by another company. Other voltages available by request.

Please download the LED Light installation document.

Step by step instruction on how to install a Load Equalizer.

Please download the LED Light Load equalizer installation instructions document.

Drawing on how to install a Load Equalizer. 

Disadvantages of Other Lights: Such lights as the fluorescent lights can physically harm people, especially those with autism, lupus, and Asperger's Syndrome. It will make their normal symptoms intensify by the fluorescent lights, and make them feel sicker. Fluorescent lights also only work well in heat and if it is too cold they may not even start at all. They emit a constant light flicker which is dangerous because the light can give off false illusions and it can disrupt video feed. The mercury used in them is also a big environmental issue. Incandescent lights waste more energy than they actually use. 90% of it is taken by the heat while the other 10% is the only amount turned into visible light. The added heat from the light raises the energy bill in the cooling season. They also have short life expectancy compared to all the other lights and are hard to replace when they are put up in high areas. Halogen lights are very dangerous because of the increased amount of heat that they use because the halogen gas is added to the bulbs. People can seriously be hurt from the burn because it goes through the skin. If they fall, they could possibly set the house or area where the light is at, on fire. Metal Halide is another bad source of light because they have a much shorter life expectancy and low efficiency. Mercury Vapor lights major disadvantage is that over time the light fades but it still uses the same amount of energy as it did when it was brand new, wasting more energy than light produced.

Recreational LED Light Uses: The LED lights can even be used for sporting events such as football games, basketball games, or even baseball games to illuminate the area for the players to be able to see. The LED lights cover the landscape area for people to be able to see. LED lights can be used for camping and other outdoor activities. LED lighting works well in RVs on camping trips as well as LED Lamps.  LED lighting for recreational use could also include the color changing lights to have for parties. The RGB color changing LED lights work great for that. The other LED lights that are one color are the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Amber, Violet, and Ultraviolet (Black light). LED lighting for the pool lights are also available. The LED lights for the pool can be on the interior of the pool or surrounding the exterior of the pool. The LED light bulbs can light up your pool at night-time for an enjoyable night-time swim. The LED Lighting also looks better.  No more rental fees for renting equipment and labor to change a high hanging light bulb fixture. 

Solar Powered LED Lights: There is a large selection of solar powered LED lights to put on the interior and exterior parts of the house. The solar powered LED lights don't use any power. The solar powered LED lights are very useful for the back patio areas where floodlights won't reach. Solar powered LED lights can also be placed around the pool area to light up at night. The solar powered LED lights are waterproof, so they can't be damaged near the pool which saves money by not having to buy replacements. The solar powered lights are perfect for surrounding the edge of the pool because they can charge during the day then stay lit up all night for outdoor pools. The solar powered LED Lights will light up in dim light as well. If you block the solar powered LED light bar, the Solar powered LED light will also light up. The PV Cell (or Photovoltaic) lights charge throughout the day by sunlight then at night or when its dark they illuminate the area saving lots of energy and money. The solar powered LED lights don't have to be replaced. Solar powered LED lights can range from small lights that you are able to take in inside after they are charged from the outside or you can leave the solar powered lights out and let them light up after dark and let them last through the night. The solar powered LED Lamps also have  a switch so if you do not want the LED Lamp lights on at night or in the dark, then you can flip the switch and the solar lights will stay off and charge through the day again. The solar powered LED lights range in size as well. The solar powered LED lights are also portable and the solar powered LED lights can be taken along on trips. LED Lights also saves money from running a regular light all night. The solar powered LED lights will illuminate patios, backyards, and anywhere else that solar powered LED lights are needed. 

Flashlights: Includes a self powered (never ending) LED Light flashlight.  The self powered Dynamo, LED Flashlights wind up and you can use the LED Flashlight  for 5 to 10 minutes before you have to rewind the LED Flashlight again. With a few wind-ups of the LED flashlights you have a working LED flashlight all over again. Never will you have to buy expensive batteries to have light.  Never have a dim, drained or dead battery again from a light. You won't have to replace the light bulb either since it is a LED Light and they can't be damaged by the water. The LED flashlight is great for emergencies. You can keep an LED Flashlight in the trunk or glove box of your car for safety. LED Flashlights are great for black outs, power outages, exploring, traveling, army, military, police, tourism, camping, mining, caves, tunnels, and as an emergency light.  Since there are no batteries in the LED Flashlight, it makes them lightweight. The LED flashlights are easy to carry for camping, hiking, walking, biking, bicycling, and running.  The LED Flashlights have a wind-up handle instead of batteries.  Some LED Flashlights have a 5V DC charging power port for use with cell phones, mp3 players, radios and digital cameras for on the go recharging.  LED flashlights are great for electrical storms, power outages, lightning, thunder, hurricanes, typhoons, tropical storms, tornadoes, rain, ice and snow storms.  The never ending LED Flashlight uses the Faraday principle of electromagnetic energy, which means that when a copper wire is moved through a magnetic field, an electric current will be generated and flow into the conductor. The LED product arrived and is called the self powered LED flashlight. Windup, crank it, or shaking the LED light will not be damaged because there is absolute reliability with the LED lighting and the LED flashlight itself.  The LED Flashlights emits enough visible light for one mile. LED flashlights are manufactured using ABS plastic with a non slick rubber grip. The LED flashlights are all around useful for everyday things.