Video review of 67342 - Flexible 48 Inch Red/Green/Blue 1210 SMD LED Light Common Anode 12 VDC

Product Code: 67342
Flexible LED Light has two sided tape so just remove and stick into place. The LEDs are spaced at 1 per inch. Each color has a different Lumen output, watt consumption, and current consumption. Red (630nm-780nm), green (500nm-570nm), blue (420-470), yellow/amber (570-600), and RGB. This LED strip will work with any Common Anode controller. Each 12" length uses 80mA of current at 12 VDC. You can use the flexible LED Lights with a standard 9 volt transistor battery. The LEDs are space 1 inch apart. Very low power consumption. Up to 24 feet of light can be illuminated with one 2A power supply. The flexible strips can be interconnected together using the connector. Very low profile. Up to 60 feet for RGB repeater (54324) or controller (74324). The flexible strip may also be cut down to size. There are cut marks that show where the flexible strip maybe cut. You cannot interlink, or connect end to end after you have cut the flexible strip down to size. Please note after cutting the flexible strip it is not returnable for credit. Great for holidays, stage and other decorations, accent lighting, special events, outdoor/indoor parties, etc. PLEASE NOTE: In order to connect multiple flexibles you need part number 42623, a flexible connector. .4" wide.67342 video review thumbnail