Video review of 12415 - Festoon 42mm 6 LED 3 Watt 12VDC/AC 1-3/4-Inch

Product Code: 12415
Festoon, 42mm, 3 Watt, 12 VDC/AC, 120 Viewing, UP to 225 lumens, Up to 30,000 hours. White 6000K, Warm White 3000K, Red(625nm), Green(526nm), Blue(464nm),& Yellow(594nm). Has nice metal heat sink. Dim-able with a variable power supply such as your dashboard dimmer switch. Comparable to a 24 to 27 Watt incandescent bulb. The dim-able voltage range is around 8.00 volts 0% light output to 13.8 volts 100% light output.12415 video review thumbnail