Video review of 78989 - 6 Volt LED Headlight BA15D Base 30 SMD 5730 Dual Filament

Product Code: 78989
Headlight bulb 6 Volt Positive Ground or 6 Volt Negative Ground. 6V AC or DC. Up to 650 Lumen high beam and up to 510 Lumen for low beam. This headlight bulb is up to 50 candle power CP for high beam. Up to 40 candle power CP for low beam. Dual filament design. Designed for reflector headlights since most of the leds are side firing directly into the reflector. The bulb has some forward firing leds to make it brighter. This LED bulb is designed for early vintage Ford Model T headlight and Ford Model A headlight. Long life up to 30,000 hours. Plug and play remove the old incandescent bulb and replace with LED bulb. The LED uses less power than a incandescent bulb so it is easier on the wiring of the older vehicles. This headlight bulb uses approximately .112 Amp @ 6.9 volts for low beam. This led headlamp bulb uses around .490 amp @ 6.9 volts for hi beam. The bulb comes in White 6000K and Warm white 3000K. The Warm White simulates the original color of a incandescent light bulb. How ever the Warm White is about 5% less output than the 6000K bulb. CE and Rohs certified. Designed for 1927 Ford headlight. The M.O.L. is 1.962" and the diameter is 0.741". Sometimes a led headlight load equalizer is required. Since the bulb operates positive ground means that this bulb will work with AC. Compatible with a13007d a13007c 1188 1929 Franklin Pierce Arrow Model A Head Light Bulbs A-13007-C 1919-1931 A-13007-D 1919-1931 1946 Air coup 1919-1931 Ford 1926, 1927 Ford Model T 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932 Model A A-13007-C Snyders A-13007-D Snyders 6572BX Langs GE 1032C GE 1032 L-1116 78989 video review thumbnail