Video review of 45785 - Waterproof Battery Less Dynamo LED Flashlight

Product Code: 45785
Waterproof Battery less Dynamo LED Flashlight. Has 3 19,000 MCD LED's for a total brightness of 57,000 MCD. Has 3 way switch on, alarm, off. Unit is completely water proof and needs no batteries ever. If charged completely by crank or USB cable last up to 3 hours illumination. Crank for 1 minute last 30 minutes illumination. Can charge cell phones for emergency use. Has a compass if you get lost. Includes a 3.6 Volt 80 mA NI-MH battery that is charged when you crank the flashlight or by the USB port of your computer will last up to 3 hours without the need for recharge. This light works great for outdoors where you do not have to worry about having extra batteries or extra light bulbs since it is L.E.D. the light is solid state.45785 video review thumbnail