Video review of 26575 - Flexible Water Proof 1210 15 Foot 1 Reel 12 Volt DC

Product Code: 26575
Water Proof Flexible LED Light. 1210 SMT. Low Voltage. 15 Foot. 1 Reel. 12 Volt DC. Low voltage 12 volts. Waterproof IP 68 listed. Assembled with a clear sleeve which protects the LEDs from water damage. Great for underwater or outdoor landscape use. 60 LEDs per meter. 300 LEDs per reel. 15 feet or 5 meters of the flexible strip. The flexible strip’s thickness measures .15 of an inch or 4.0 mm. Width of the LED flexible strip measures .38 of an inch or 9.8mm. 22 power watt consumption. The reel’s diameter is 6.94 inches or .18 of a meter. Open air ventilation. The flexible strip and reel have a combined weight of .29 kg. Operates from 5% to 95% relative humidity. 30,000 hours for LED life. 140 lux output at one foot. Each color varies slightly in wattage consumption and lux output. Available in white (6000k), warm white (3000k), red (630-780nm), green (500-570nm), blue (420-470nm), yellow/amber (570-600nm). Variable DC Voltage. Dimmable. Plastic reel housing. Great for outdoor/indoor parties, holidays, decorations, accent lighting, landscaping, etc. 26575 video review thumbnail