Video review of 87578 - 1158 LED Bulb BA15D Base 6 Volt 2.6 Watt G18

Product Code: 87578
1158 LED Bulb operates in Positive Chassis ground or Negative Chassis ground vehicles, trucks and motorcycles. Special design for older cars. 1158 with a BA15D Bayonet base and has two brightness levels. The life is up to 30,000 hours. Available in white 6000 Kelvin, warm white 3000 Kelvin, Red 625 nm Green 526 nm, Blue 464 nm& Yellow 594 nm. Available 1158 BA15D. Great bulb for tight fit, this small high power led is great for all applications, very bright 320 lumen or 25 CP Candle Power output for brake light and 260 Lumen or 20 CP Candle Power for taillight. The lamp illuminates in 360 degrees. This bulb will operate in classic old cars with positive chassis or negative chassis car or bike, low voltage. Comparable to a 25 watt incandescent, very small fits it tight bulb locations. CE and Rohs listed. Works good for navigation lights for its small profile, operates both AC or DC. Each 5730 chip is the latest in high power SMD technologies. Each 5730 SMD ship can dissipates up to 1/2 watt of power. The light output from a 5730 SMD is about 40 to 60 Lumen output per LED chip. The LED bulb is dimmable by a variable AC or DC up to 6 volts. Replace your old incandescent light bulb with a led bulb for your tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. Replace light bulbs in amusement rides, arcade, pinball games. No longer have to replace that burnt out incandescent light bulb in the pinball machine. For BA15D the bayonets each side are parallel to each other or both bayonets are the same distance from the top or the bottom of the base. This bulb works great for upgrading your vintage car to 6v led bulb. Since this bulb is non polar you do not have to worry about the socket being reversed wired. Since there are two filament brightness levels running low and brake high. This bulb works good for upgrading Kerosene lamps. Can be used as a headlight bulb, 50-32 candle power. The base is a double contact with straight pins. Can be used on cars with starter and generator. Please make sure to regulate cars running off a unregulated magneto. This 1158 led bulb will last a long time due to being solid state. This 6 volt bulb is tested before shipping by applying a minus 6 volts to the contact. The base or the side of the bulb is connected to positive 6 volts. There are two contacts on the bottom one contact will illuminate the led as dimmer than when connect to the other contact. Old cars, trucks and motorcycles built before World War II are usually 6 volt vehicles. How to tell if my car is positive ground or a negative ground system. Please check to see how your battery is connected the frame or chassis or the vehicle. If the positive terminal of the battery is connected to your frame then it is a positive ground. If the negative battery terminal is connected to the frame then it is a negative ground system. Since this led bulb has no polarity it can work it both positive or negative vehicles. Which color led bulb should I order for my red lens? Some customers like the white bulb better for a red lens since the old lenses are thick. Sometimes a red bulb will be better for a old red lens. Since the bulb is a 15mm male base the bulb should fit most BA15D female sockets. Sometimes the bulb contacts on the bottom will not connect to the contacts on the socket. If the bulb is not contacting the socket please add solder to the contacts or replace the sockets with industry standard new BA15S sockets. Some times these led lamps will not insert all the way to the bottom of the socket and lock in. Please upgrade your socket to a standard BA15D socket and this will solve this issue. What do I do If the old 6 volt thermal flasher hyper flashers after installing led bulbs. Please upgrade to a led compatible 6 volt flasher. What do I do if my old thermal 6 volt flasher flashes erratic or after the engine is running the led bulbs do not operate correctly. Please add led load equalizers to eliminate floating or erratic light from led bulbs. Should I upgrade my vintage car to help out my old generator with led bulbs. Yes by installing led bulbs you save incredible amount of power. Your old generator or alternator does not have to work as hard illuminating led bulbs versus halogen or incandescent bulbs. The led bulbs help keep your fixture to last longer since you are not generating as much heat as a halogen or incandescent bulb. The led bulb really helps out the lens also by creating very little heat. Since this led lamp is smaller than a standard light bulb you should not have any issues installing a led bulb. So easy to remove the old bulb and then insert the new led bulbs. Since leds fit exactly the same as halogen you just have to push and twist to remove old bulb and insert and twist the new led light bulb. Takes just minutes for the easy upgrade to led bulbs. The old sockets and wiring also benefit from led bulbs since less power and heat is applied to the socket and wires since the led bulbs uses 90% less energy than a halogen or old incandescent bulb. Please see the warranty at the bottom of the page. Each light fixture is different when a led bulb is installed. Please clean the fixture reflector and the lens when install led bulbs. Since there is no polarity you do not have to worry about reversing the wiring of the socket. The white 6000K bulb is about 5 to 10% brighter then the warm white 3000K bulb. This bulb will start to illuminate around 4.0 Volts. Some of the old vehicles look better with the 3000k bulb for the nostalgic look of a old incandescent bulb. Compatible with: Ford Model A Ford Model T Old Buick Old Chevrolet #1158 1158 1153 TS1158 6572BX 911-12012 1116 Desoto 1949 Plymouth convertible87578 video review thumbnail