Video review of 95634 - S25 24 LED 6V AC DC Positive Or Negative Chassis

Product Code: 95634
6V AC or DC. Use in positive ground or negative ground. 18 forward firing LEDs and 6 side firing LEDs. Durable, shock and vibration proof, instant On/Off. Monochromatic (pure) color, low heat, virtually unbreakable. Up to 16 CP candle power output. Available in super white, red, yellow, green and blue. 6 VDC/ VAC. Approximate size is 1.57in x 1.03in. This 6 Volt bulb is designed for vintage vehicles and motorcycles for both negative ground chassis from post World War II and positive chassis from pre World War II. This product works when you apply 0 to the base and 6 Volts to the tip or if you apply 6 Volt to the base and ground to the tip the LED will light. This product will work both 6 Volt A.C. and 6 Volt D.C/A.C. applications. 1156 & 1157 bases. BA15S or BAY15d. Uses 1.8 watts, 15 watt incandescent equivalent, 200 Lumen output. This bulb is dim-able using a variable power supply or dashboard knob. This led bulb will replace your turn signal, brake and tail lights. This led bulb works great to replace turn signal, running lights and dash board indicator lights. Easy to install since the bulb is non polarity you do not have to worry about a socket that is wired backwards or for negative chassis wiring. This bulb is dimmable by a variable voltage supply. Available in 1156 ba15s and 1157 bay15d base types. This bulb will fit S25 bulb shape applications. Excellent replacement for 6v led bulb. This l.e.d. bulb direct replacement for the following for 1157: #87 T25 T-25 1016 1034 1130 1152 1154 1157 1158 1493 2057 2357 2397 7528 3496 For 1156: T25 T-25 1073 1093 1129 1141 1147 1159 1259 1295 1383 1459 1619 1651 1680 2056 3496 5007 5008 7008 7506 7806 7527 1156 1759 3497 1156-18W #1651 #1651-MB95634 video review thumbnail