Video review of 12855 - Puck LED Under Cabinet Light 12VDC 3 Watt

Product Code: 12855
Under-Cabinet LED Puck Light 12VDC. 3 Watt. This small puck light provides a very high and even light output. Uses 3 (1 Watt) high powered LEDs. It can be surface or recessed mounted and is ideal lighting for kitchen cabinets, displays and furniture. Connect multiple puck lights with our 2-way or 3-way harnesses. The cord on each puck light is approximately 3 feet long. 120 degree beam angle. ~310 Lumens. Approx. 2.76" x 0.55". Available in 6000K white and Warm White 3000K. female plug 5.54mm and 2.15mm tip. The puck is held together by 3 Phillips screws. The face plate removes if needed for smaller diameter holes such as 2.28" diameter.12855 video review thumbnail