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G18 BAU15S 2.6 Watt 7-24V AC-DC Non Polarity

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LED Bulb BAU15S 7-24V AC-DC Non Polarity BAU15S. Use this bulb for old vehicles, classic cars such as model t. Uses BAU15S base, the bayonets are V shaped. Operates 7V AC or DC. Available white 6000K. Great for automobiles made before pre world war II and automobiles made after post world war II automobiles. Up to 250 lumen output, comparable to a 25 watt incandescent light bulb. Each 5730SMT 1/2 watt of power.
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S25 24 LED 6 Volt AC DC Positive Or Negative Chassis
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G18 1156 17 QTY 5730 SMD 7-24V DC/AC. This led bulb is bright, has 17 pcs of 5730 SMD leds. A nice heatsink enclosure keeps leds cooler for long life, very compact. Operates 7-24V AC or DC non polarity. Great for classic and newer 12V automobiles.