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H4 female Socket with Pigtail Wires

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H4 Adapter, use this adapter/harness to wire up your own LED Light driving/fog lights, or to replace an existing adapter. Approximate size is 1in x 1.18in x .75in. Also has 5 inches of wire. This harness connector works great for relays or flashers such as part number 79866. This harness can operate 6 Volt, 12 Volt, 24 Volt low voltage applications.
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This socket has holes so you can surface mount your MR 11, MR 16 and G4 lights. Fits the following GU4.0, GX4.0, GU5.3, GX5.3 Socket with pigtail. Use this socket for G4, MR11 and MR16 lights. UL, SA certified.
1157 BAY15D Socket with Stand
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1157 Socket, with stand. This 1157 socket comes with a mounting bracket, great for lighting projects. With two positive wires and the base used as the negative ground, it makes installation quick and easy.
T5 female Socket Miniature Wedge Black with 6 Inches Wire
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T5 Wedge socket with wires. The wires are 6" long. Use this socket to replace a defective, worn out or corroded contacts, or broken. Made of PBT plastic and metal materials.
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E26 E27 Female Socket with Wires
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BA9S Socket Miniature with Wire
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BA9S with pigtail. T10 BA9S socket. Has spring, and connecting fixture and socket metal piece. Works good for small area to install or replace BA9S socket/fixture. Approximate 9mm diameter.
1156 BA15S Socket
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1156 Socket with pigtail wires. The socket is made of durable metal materials. The wire is 18 awg stranded wire. CE and Rohs listed.
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T20 Wedge 7440 Socket with pigtail wires. Made of injected molded plastic. The wires are about 6" long, and are 18 awg stranded copper wires. CE and ROHS listed.
T10 Wedge Socket with Wires
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T10 Wedge Socket. Works with any T10 or 194 wedge base bulbs. This socket has a negative and positive wire for easy installation.
E10 Screw Base Socket W/Solderable Tabs
Product Code: 87354
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E10 Screw Base Socket W/Solderable Tabs. This socket has two solderable tabs one for positive and one for negative. Each Tab has one hole. Socket has gold/copper color plating to resist rust and corrosion.