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T5 Wedge Socket With 6 Inches Wire T1 3/4

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Warranty: 12 Months

T5 Wedge socket with wires. The wires are 6" long. Works great for automotive dashboards, instrument panels, and special artwork. Fits twist lock instrument cluster base. This is a female socket so a male T5 #74 T1 3/4 wedge will fit. This T5 female socket will work with standard T5 bulb number 74 incandescent light bulb. This socket works great for older classic and vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles to upgrade with new sockets. This socket is designed for a sub miniature wedge T5 bulb. This socket accepts a wedge that is 5mm wide or .196". The length of the socket is 0.700" long and the diameter is 0.380" with a lip of 0.387". The length of the wire is 5.5". This socket is for mini wedge used in cars, trucks and motorcycles, not for T5 landscape bulbs. The wire diameter is awg22 stranded. CE and Rohs. The body is made of PVC. The maximum current is: 1.46 Amps. Made for low voltages up to 24 volts. The wire colors could be red and black or red and yellow as shown in the picture. Great to convert from 74e bulbs to just 74 bulbs using this socket. Compatible with: sub-miniature T5 wedges T1 3/4 wedge bulbs 95 Miata a/c control panel