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Flasher LED 6 Volt Positive Ground 3 Terminal

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Warranty: 12 Months

Flasher LED 6 Volt Positive Ground 3 Terminal for 6 Volt positive chassis. LED flasher for vintage and classic cars and motorcycles. This flasher is LED compatible so you can use led's or incandescent bulbs or a combination of both. The flasher creates real clicking sounds like an old flasher. The flasher duty cycle is from 30% to 70%. The flasher rated load can handle up to 6 bulbs or 120 watts. The operating temperature -25F to +140F. The lamp rating should be from .1 Amp to 20 Amps. The rated voltage is from 5 to 7 volts can operate up to 8 volts. Voltage drop is rated at 500mv. The flasher will fit a standard 3 Pin female relay flasher socket. The shell is made of plastic for rugged long life. The flasher is self adjusting lamp amperage draw from .1 Amp to 20 Amps. The flasher is led compatible so it does not indicate a bulb out condition by hyper flashing. The flasher time to first flash is less than 1.5 seconds. The flash rate over temperature range 60 to 120 flash per minute. The flasher has 3 terminals and a wire as connections which you can see on the flasher case if you look closely. The (X) is used to connect to a negative battery terminal or control wire such as a turn signal lever. The (L) load terminal lamp output connects to one contact of your lamp (cathode) and the other side lamp (anode) connects to the positive chassis. The (P) Pilot output is for dash board turn signal indicators. Please connect (P) between the pilot lamp (cathode) contact and the other side of the lamp (anode) contact to the positive chassis. The flasher has a wire or lead coming from the flasher housing, this lead must be connected to the positive chassis. The flasher is CE and Rohs listed. The life is up to 400 hours continuous flashing. The flasher base fits a standard relay flasher female harness assembly or use quick disconnect female connectors. The flasher body is round and has 3 terminals and comes with a mounting band. Automobiles, motorcycles and trucks manufactured before WWII were positive chassis which the chassis is positive compared the the equipment that is operated on that chassis. Great for classic and vintage collector vehicles that you want to benefit from the low current led use without using load equalizers. This flasher comes with a long warranty period so that you will not worry about replacing the flasher. If the flasher does fail during the warranty period you will get a replacement flasher. The flasher electronics are enclosed in a round plastic enclosure. The enclosure helps the flasher from water or environment damage. Great for turn signal upgrading the old flasher with a hybrid/solid state flasher. This flasher is also a direct replacement vintage six volt vehicles. The reason to be able handle up to 6 incandescent bulbs if you hook up your trailer the lights on the trailer will be able to flash all lights on truck and trailer. This flasher is designed for positive chassis vehicles so no issues to upgrade your old flasher to led compatible flasher. When connecting led bulbs to this relay you must make sure to connect the anode of the led bulb or pilot light to the plus 6 volt chassis. Simple to install unplug your old flasher and insert your new led compatible flasher for worry free flashing. The flasher input lead (X) must be fused with a 15 Amp inline fuse. Each incandescent bulb is approximately 21 ohm load. The black external wire provides ground to your positive chassis or positve ground. The black external wire is 18 awg and is about 7.5 inches long and has a spade fork connector for easy connection to positive chassis body. The flasher body is round and comes with a rubber mounting bracket for easy for professional installation. The flasher works great with 6v led bulbs. How to tell if your car or bike is positive chassis is to see where the positive battery lead goes to the frame of the automobile or bike. This flasher works for 6 volt motorcycle blinker relay flasher. Please click on the specification link shows how to hook up the flasher to bench test the flasher so you know it works before installation. This flasher has been specifically designed for 6 positive chassis vehicles, Once you understand how the flasher works on the bench it is easier to install it into your vehicle. Please do not try any flasher that is not specifically designed for 6 volt positive chassis vehicles. This flasher can operate as low as 5 volts which is good for older cars with a weak battery or old wires. Please bench test the flasher if you are having issues with the flasher. The flasher can be easily operated by connecting the pigtail wire to plus 6 Volts. Connecting the X contact to minus 6 volts. The bulb connected to the pigtail. The other end of the bulb connected to L the load. This is a 6v led flasher relay. After following these steps will hear the flasher flash. The bulb will flash at a consistent flash rate. Replace those old 6 volt thermal flashers to an updated electronic flasher. This flasher works good with your existing halogen, incandescent or led bulbs. Sometimes load equalizers are required if after installing the led compatible flasher the bulbs are not working reliably, flickering when the engine is running. Really helps out your generator or alternator to leds and flasher to help out the old vintage generators or alternators that cannot supply to much power. Why should I upgrade my 6 volt thermal flasher to new electronic flasher? The flash rate will be consistent once upgraded which helps the safety for the car, truck or motorcycle. Please make sure when installing the flasher that the flasher is correct polarity or use ledlight.com 6 volt positive or negative ground bulbs. When upgrading to a led compatible flasher make sure that the pin connections are connected as the diagram on this detail page. There is also a diagram to connect the flasher for bench testing on the detail page. Sometimes you have to flip flop the wires going into the flasher to make it work properly. When the engine is on and causes the bulbs not to flash or hyper flash means a load equalization issue. Please reinstall the original lamps to a known working state to help troubleshoot the load equalization. Please use 34265 socket to use with this flasher. The standby current is 20mA. Compatible with: Karmann Ghia 1956-1964 Split Window Bus 1955-1964 Standard Beetle 1955-1964 Old British cars Old Honda motorcycles Old Model A Old Model T Old Chevrolet Old Buick wagner 535 Relay ELF33-6
1 Customer Review
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Average Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5 stars with 1 review 5.0 out of 5
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Featured Review
5 out of 5 stars Perfect Replacement and Upgrade!
by from Essex, Ontario, Canada on 8/17/2020
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We own a 1955 Dodge C3D 1 ton Flatbed Truck. This truck had a heavy duty 3 terminal flasher relay, and stopped working when out on a drive. It came back to life after cooling down. Not wanting to be on a drive and have the signal lights fail again I started looking for a replacement. No one locally had a suitable replacement, only the cheap thermal type which didnt work properly. After searching around online I found LEDLIGHT.com. Oh, did I mention this truck is 6 volt POSITIVE Ground? LEDLIGHT.com had just the flasher I was looking for. I installed it today and it works perfectly! Nice audible click (for a noisy truck with no self cancelling signal lights), flashing at approx. 80 flashes per minute...just what I was looking for! Works great!
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