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1129 6V LED Bulb 30 SMD

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Warranty: 24 Months

1129 6 Volt LED for positive or negative ground. Single filament, single contact SC C-6 S9. 30 quantity 5730 SMD LED's. Up to 600 Lumen. The LED are optically aligned to the original filament location. Since the led's are aligned they are able to output to the reflector and lens better light output. Comparable to a 25 to 35 Watt incandescent light bulb. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. The lamp is dimmable using a variable voltage source. Since the lights are dim-able they operate better when there is a low voltage condition. The bulbs are available in white 6000K, warm white 3000K, Red 625 nm, Green 526 nm, Blue 464 nm & Yellow 594 nm. The bulbs are non polarity or not polarized so you can use them in sockets that are wired backwards such as RV's and boats. This bulb works great for your vintage or classic vehicle that you want to use led lights. They are easy to install by removing old light bulb and inserting new led light bulb. If you are updating your bulbs that are in the turn signal circuit we recommend using 6 ohm load equalizer for each led in the turn signals. Long life up to 30,000 hours. Long warranty please see bottom of the page for warranty details. The maximum overall length MOL is 1.944 inches. The maximum diameter is .741 inches. The base is BA15S 15mm diameter base with a single contact. The led uses 5730 smd leds. Each 5730 can output up to 50 Lumens or 0.5 Watt of power. Since we what the led's to last long time we operate the leds at 25% their maximum output. The bulb will start to illuminate around 4.80 Volts. Since the led bulb has only a single contact or 1 filament the bulb uses around .490 amp @ 6.9 volts. To test this bulb we apply minus 6 volts to the contact and plus 6 volts to the side of the base. Since the bulb is bi polarity or non polarity we can also test by applying plus 6 volts to the contact and minus 6 volts to the side of the base. This led lamp is made with a BA15S base. The base is made to industry standards. Some older BA15S female sockets may not be made to industry standards and the led bulb may not fit. It is recommended to upgrade the ba15s female socket to the latest industry standard so there will be no installation issues. How do I install a led bulb? First you must remove the old bulb by pushing and twisting counter clockwise. Then install the new led lamp by pushing and twisting clockwise. Please make sure the bayonets in the socket are the same height to match the same bayonet height on the led bulb. This led bulb has 6 5730 smd leds on each side of the led lamp. Since the output can be up to 600 Lumen output for each side. The top has 6 5730 smd led so the output from the top can be up to 600 Lumen output. Please clean the reflector and lens when installing led lights so that maximum light output is possible. Since led's use 90% less power really helps out your generator or alternator has to produce 90% less power for this bulb. The wiring and sockets also heat up less and expanding and contracting due to the led light is using 90% less power. Saves gasoline too since the generator or alternator has to output less power. The white 6000K led is brighter than the warm white 3000K led by 5% to 10%. The warm white 3000K looks just like a original incandescent glow so using warm white 3000k for a nostalgic look. Both the white and the warm white are blue led's to start with then doped with materials to output white 6000K or warm white 3000K depending on the doping compound. The color leds create their color by the led itself. Since the led creates the color no need to paint or put plastic colored caps on the leds. Since the leds are solid state you do not have to worry about a broken filament or broken glass. Please see information at the bottom of the product detail to see warranty details. If you are having problems fitting the led bulb to the female socket it is recommend to replace the socket with a new industry standard socket so that no issues will happen. If this led bulb is used in a turn signal circuit, please make sure to upgrade to a led compatible led flasher. Hyper flashing can occur by installing a led light into a turn signal circuit due to the led bulb uses 90% less power and the turn signal flasher thinks the bulb is burnt out. The old 6 volt thermal flashers do not have a consistent flash rate and is recommended to upgraded to a led compatible flasher. If you want to keep your old 6 volt thermal flasher with led lights you can install led load equalizers to emulate or trick the flasher to think old incandescent or halogen bulbs are operating. Sometimes the led bulb bottom contact does not touch the contact in the female socket. It is recommend you can replace the socket for a industry standard socket. Sometimes you can solder the contact on the bottom of the led with a higher profile then this sometimes make contact so you do not have to replace the older socket if no contact is being made. Since this led bulb has a profile similar to a standard halogen bulb usually do not have any fitment or installation issues. Please make sure you generator or alternator is outputting around 6 volts, some older generators can output up to 25 volts which would destroy this led bulb. Since this led is solid state that you do not have to worry about the bulb failing. Since the led bulb decay rate is minimal the led will last for years before replacement is needed maybe never. This bulb works either positive ground or negative ground. Compatible with: A-13465 GE 63 GE #63 GE 87 GE #87 #1129 1129 #1133 1133 BA15S 1962 international harvester 110 truck BA15S 1962 international harvester 110 truck
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