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Rebaydo™ 6 Ohm 25 Watt LED Load Equalizer

Product Code: 23494

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Warranty: 12 Months

Used with a LED Light to simulate that the original light bulb is installed. Easy to install. Keep away from plastic or painted surfaces, resistor gets very hot. Connect the load equalizer in parallel with the led light you are replacing. Includes 7" of 20 awg stranded Teflon wire. 2 wire crimps included. Use one 6 Ohm 25 Watt equalizer for each LED bulb, or use one 3 ohm for 2 led bulbs for each turn signal control side that you replace. For a 6 Ohm load equalizer you can attach up to 1 LED light per equalizer. For the 3 Ohm load equalizer you can attach up to 2 LED lights per equalizer. Load equalizer dimensions are 0.75 inches in length and 0.42 inches wide. No special tools needed just a pair of pliers. The connection is made using insulation displacement connectors. This load equalizer eliminator capacitor operates from 6 to 12 volt positive ground or negative ground. To see if you need to install a load equalizer, remove one incandescent bulb and replace with LED bulb on the same left or right turn signal circuit. If the branch flashes normal with 1 incandescent bulb and 1 led bulb on the same side then you know a load equalizer will work. Please use 1 6 ohm for each incandescent you are replacing with led. If you replace the front and rear lights (4) then you need to use 4 6 ohms or 2 3 ohm load ballast for each circuit branch. Works good as 6 volt positive chassis or negative chassis for vintage automobiles, trucks, tractors and motorcycles. Fixes the floating light issue when led's installed Ford Model A by using 2 to 4 quantity 6 ohm load equalizer at each bulb that is replaced using a led bulb if bulbs are dual filament. Helps fix load issues vintage turn signal level controls. Compatible with 6 Volt Positive Ground or 6 Volt Negative Ground for 1929, 1930, 1931 and 1932 Ford Model A and Model T. If front lights are single contact then you have to use two 6 ohm in the rear. If the front are dual contact then you have to use 4 6 ohm load equalizers 2 in front 2 in rear. The load equalizer can be any where in the circuit and does not need to be next to the led lamp. Please click on link view larger photo for drawing to connect to ford model A. How long does it take to install a led load equalizer? It installation is different and can take any from a few minutes to 30 minutes or longer. Since the insulation displacement crimps IDC are provided make the installation easier since you do not have to cut any wiring. Since using the IDC crimps the insulation for the wiring is not damaged so you can remove the load equalizers if needed. It is recommend to install the body of the led load equalizer to metal by drilling two holes then installing screws in each hole to make sure the body is pressed against the frame or metal so the metal will help cool the load equalizer. The led light load equalizers work great with old 6 volt thermal flashers or new flashers that are not led light compatible. Some times after market turn signal switches can cause the led bulbs to float even after installing led compatible flasher and load equalizers are required to eliminate hyper flasher or flaky led lights. Once installed the led load equalizers last a life time if you have to install them instead of upgrading to a led compatible flasher. The equalizer body is made of anodize metal for long lasting from the environment. Installing load equalizers sometimes is the only choice due to unable to get a led compatible flasher. The easier way to install led load equalizer is to install a 6 ohm for each led light installed in the turn signal circuit than to install a 3 ohm load equalizer if you have more than 2 bulbs per flasher circuit. The 6 ohm equalizer is smaller than the 3 ohm by about a 1/4 of inch. Sometimes you do not have room to install the load equalizer in each fixture and is easier to install a 3 ohm load equalizer for each side of the flasher Left side and Right side. The led load equalizer can be installed in 6 volt to 12 volt cars, trucks and motorcycles. The IDC has two locations for wires. Once wire will parasitically attached to the wire without cutting the wire. The other wire location is for the load equalizer that just has a wire location to lay the wire in the IDC connect. Once both wires are properly prepared in the IDC crimp you can squeeze the IDC with a pair of plyer's to pierce the wire you did not cut. The IDC will pierce and electrically connect to the wire did not not cut. The insulation will have to small holes in the insulation where the IDC makes contact with the wire. After crimping the IDC to both the vehicle wire and the load equalizer wire please make sure to tape the IDC so that no weather will corrode or attack the new pierced wire. Once the IDC is taped with electrical tape looks like a professional installation. Please make sure to only tape the IDC crimp and no tape on the body of the load equalizer due to the heat will melt the electrical tape. The blue IDC is able to crimp wire ranging from 16awg to 18awg. Please make sure the vehicles wire is either 16awg or 18awg so no issues will occur when crimping the IDC crimp. So tools needed are pair of plyer's, drill, drill bit and electrical tape and two small self tapping screws. Once the installation is done correctly the modification will last a life time for the led lights to operate without any issues with hyper flashing or flaky led bulbs. It does not matter if you use the black wire or the red wire from the load equalizer there is no polarity for the load equalizer. Compatible with: BMW E46 Every car Every motorcycle Every truck Every tractor Every scooter 1974 vespa rally
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