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1129 LED Bulb 6 To 12 Volt 13 SMD

Product Code: 68574

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Warranty: 12 Months

1129 led bulb will operate in both positive ground or negative ground 6 to 12 volt systems. Up to 24 CP regardless of voltage from 6 to 12. Up to 330 Lumen output. G18 S25 2.6 Watt bulb. Has 6 forward firing and 7 side firing LEDs. Each 5730 SMD LED is capable up to 1/2 Watt of power. Each 5730 LED can output up to 50 Lumens. The LED is not powered to full power so it can operate cooler so the SMD will last longer. The life is up to 30,000 hours. Since this led light bulb has 360 degree viewing angle up to 320 Lumen output for forward firing. Up to 350 Lumen output for side firing. Available in white 6000 Kelvin, warm white 3000 Kelvin, Red 625 nm Green 526 nm, Blue 464 nm& Yellow 594 nm. Available 1156 BA15S. Great bulb for tight fit, this small high power led is great for all applications. Will operate in classic old vintage antique cars positive earth, trucks or motorcycles 6 volt low voltage. This lamp is not dimmable since it operates from 6 to 24 volts ac or dc. This bulb is non polarity. The bulb will start to illuminate around 3.61 volts and is 80% bright around 4.25 volts. No polarity means you can use it in positive ground chassis and negative ground chassis cars, trucks an motorcycles. The bulb will start to illuminate around 3.61 volts and is full bright around 4.25 volts. Comparable to a 25 to 30 watt incandescent, very small fits it tight bulb locations. CE and Rohs listed. Works good for navigation lights for its small profile and wide voltage operation encase low batteries the lights will be full bright until 6 volts, operates both AC or DC. Each 5730 chip is the latest in high power SMD technologies. Each 5730 SMD ship dissipates about 1/2 watt of power. The light output from a 5730 SMD is about 40 to 60 lumen output. For 6 volt 1157 please see 97465. Since this bulb cannot be dimmed by a variable AC or DC source. Great to use for turn signals, brake lights and tail lights. Since these led bulbs are 6 volt AC they can be installed in pinball and arcade games, model rail roads and other hobbies. Since this is non polar you do not have to worry about the wiring of the socket. The bayonets are the same height for BA15S base bulbs. The diameter of the base is 15mm. THe base is named BA15S meaning 15 for 15mm diameter base and S for single contact. This led lamp is a good product same outline as a incandescent light bulb. This bulb is great for marine, boats, docks, shoreline, oil rigs, marker buoys. This led bulb works great for third brake lights or cowl lights. The bulb has up to 23 CP candle power output. This 6v l.e.d. bulb cross references to the following. Work great as 6 to 24 volt led tail lights. This bulb is non polarized or no polarity so will operate in both positive ground or negative ground vehicles. The led lights base is made with a industry standard BA15S base. The 15 is for 15mm and S is for single contact. When shipping this led lamp we test the bulb by applying 6 volt negative to the bottom contact and 6 volt positive to the side. Since the led lamp is no polarity you do not have to worry about reversing the wires in your socket to make the led light operate correctly. Sometime the bottom contact does not connect to the contact on the female socket. You have two options one is to solder more solder on the bottom of the contact to build up the contact point. The other option is to replace the socket with a a industry standard BA15S base female socket. Some time the top of the socket will interfere with the led bulb. Please replace the socket to a new BA15D female socket since the current socket you have is not the industry standard. This bulb is smaller than the original halogen or incandescent bulb so there should not be any issues with installation. How hard is it to upgrade to led bulbs? To remove the old bulb just push and twist and then install new led bulb by inserting and twisting the base. How long doe the upgrade to led lights take? It only take a couple of minutes to remove the lens to replace the incandescent bulb with a led light. The color led bulbs create their color by the led itself. Since the led bulb creates its own color no plastic lenses or caps are required. Installing led bulbs in a turn signal circuit. The led bulb may hyper flasher after installation. How do I fix the hyper flashing led light? You can replace your old 6 volt thermal flasher with a led compatible flasher. You can also install load equalizers to the circuit. This led lamp can operate from 6 volts to 12 Volts AC or DC. Since the bulb has a wide voltage range it is not dim-able by using a variable voltage supply. Only one filament the turns on full bright or off. The White 6000K is about 5 to 10% brighter than the Warm White 3000K. This brightness difference is caused the by materials used to make the white versus warm white. Please see warranty details on the bottom of the page. Your vintage generator or alternator will be happy about 90% less power is needed to light up led bulbs versus halogen bulbs. Your electrical wiring and sockets also have to provide less power which means last longer using led bulbs. Please make sure your generator or alternator is only putting out the recommend voltage and recommended wattage. Some generators need to be serviced they will output much higher voltage when the vehicle or motorcycle is at speed and the engine has running at higher revolutions. Fits single Contact Bayonet, SC Bayonet or S. C. Bayonet female socket. Compatible with 35 Ford. This bulb fits the standard 1928 to 1931 Ford taillight. Great for 8 volt Fords. Compatible with the following: 6v 3cp A-13465 6v 21cp 1680x t63 bulb 6V21CP 6v 18w SC BA15 base Stop Light Philips 12498CVB2 P21W CrystalVision Ultra Miniature Bulb 1133 21CP 1183 A-13465 1962 international harvester 110 truck john deer ar20466r x 49 Hudson Mazda 1129 GE bulb: 26872 Volkswagen: n 17 717 1 N177181 N 17 718 1 N177311 N 17 731 Ford 1929 1930 1931 1932 Model A 81A-13465-6V 6251 6251A 1133 17301 #11 G-209 License plate Philips 6821 BSF802 21w 12v GLB207 6w 12v BSF 207 6v21cp GE 1000 1000 Phillips 6421 ts 87 89 t87 t89 ts1129 ts 1129 T1129 ge1129 ge 1129 ge 1003 w87 Flosser 14023
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