Video review of 23543 - BA15D male to GX4.0 or GU4.0 female Converter Adapter

Product Code: 23543
BA15D (male) to GX4.0 or GU4.0 (female) Converter. Use this converter to convert your old BA15D light bulb fixture to a GX4.0 or GU4.0 socket so then you can use a G4, JC, MR11 or MR16 LED Light bulb or standard incandescent light bulb. This LED converter/adapter is designed to be durable and is compatible with most G4 two prong bulbs. Approximate size is 1.22in x .66in. Operates either AC or DC. There is just two conductors that connect the BA15D to the GX4.0. This converter has no electronics. CE & Rohs.23543 video review thumbnail