Video review of 86751 - A60 LED Bulb 4 Watt

Product Code: 86751
A60 LED Bulb 18 SMD. E26 screw base standard light bulb. Uses only 4 watts. 45 watt incandescent light bulb equivalent. This bulb has 3 forward firing and 15 side firing LEDs, up to 340 lumen output. 120 VAC. E27 standard base type. Available in white 5500K-6500K and Warm White 2700K-3300Konly. LED lamp comes equipped with a durable, glass, clear lens. Approximate size is 4.22in (height) x 2.36in (diameter). It is shaped like a standard light bulb so it is less noticeable when placed in a uncovered fixture. Perfect for room, ceiling and hallway lighting as well. This bulb is non dim able.86751 video review thumbnail