Video review of 35674 - BAY15D Socket with Stand

Product Code: 35674
BAY15D Socket with Stand. This 1154 or 1157 socket comes with a mounting bracket, great for lighting projects. With two positive wires and the base used as the negative ground, it makes installation quick and easy. Measures ~ 6.10" in total length. The bayonets are offset and has two contacts for tail light and brake light. This 1157 BAY15D bulb socket holds a 1157 LED bulb for long contact without issues. This 1157 socket is low profile and has a stand that you can mount to the vehicle negative chassis or positive chassis vehicles, motor cycles, E-bikes, mopeds, scooters, trucks. Great for marine use due to the heavy duty metal and metal plating for hard marine environment. Product dimensions approximately .85" diameter, 1.18" for the stand and 1.19" for the body, total length including the wires are 6.10". All dimensions are in inches. The hole diameter is 0.152" and offset from end of stand to the center of the hole 0.634". The notch on the rear of the stand is 0.293" deep and 0.240" wide.35674 video review thumbnail