Video review of 45665 - LED Festoon Bulb 1-1/4 6 Super Flux

Product Code: 45665
LED Festoon Super Flux 6 miniature bulb. 18 forward firing super flux super bright led chips. The festoon leds use about 1.7 Watts@13.8VDC. Each super flux LED has 3 LED chips. Six total super flux leds. Available in super white, red, yellow and blue. 6 Super flux LEDs. Uses .120 Amps @ 12 Volts DC. 1.7 Watts. Approximate light output 60 lumens. Comparable to a 11 to 19 Watt incandescent bulb. Long life up to 30,000 hours. This led festoon bulb has cool bright super flux leds. Dim able with a variable voltage source such as your dashboard dimmer. This led bulb works 12 volt negative ground vehicles. Available 33 mm or 1 1/4". Replacement bulb number 3021 3022 3175 6428 6430 30922 DE3425. Rohs and CE certified. Why is a led better than a comparable incandescent light bulb? The leds are solid stat. The leds do not have rugged parts the filament can break or the glass can break. Led colors are created by the led material. So the light from white is a little blueish because the white led is a blue led doped with material to emitt white output. The color leds are made from either red/yellow color or blue/green color leds. The led material dictates what the light output will be when the led is not doped. This festoon is polarity sensitive meaning if it does not illuminate when inserted rotate the festoon 180 degrees and reinsert the festoon in to the female socket. The festoon led lights end caps are made to standard so you will not have issues with not fitting. If the socket is loose try tightening by using needle nose to compress the socket connectors. If the socket connects cannot be made to be tighter please replace socket. These festoon bulbs work great for car interior lighting such as dome lights and license plate lights. Compatible with: #3021 #3022 #3175 #6428 #6430 #30922 #DE3425 45665 video review thumbnail