Video review of 47854 - PAR38 LED Bulb 13 Watt 120 VAC E26 30 Degree

Product Code: 47854
PAR38 LED Bulb 13 Watt 120 VAC E26 30 Degree. Comparable to a incandescent equivalent to a 100 Watt flood light. 120 VAC. Up to 800 lumen output. Beam angle 30 deg. Available in white 6000k, warm white 3000k, red 630nm-780nm, green 500nm-570nm, blue 420nm-470nm, amber 570nm-600nm. For indoor and outdoor use. Available in clear or diffused lens. Clear lens has a 30 degree viewing angle. Fits into standard Edison medium Screw base socket (E27). Glass assembly. Measures 4.80" diameter x 5.35" overall height. Perfect for outdoor LED flood lighting, security LED Lighting, party LED Lighting, decorative LED Lighting, plant grow lights, greenhouses, landscaping and other indoor and outdoor uses. UL, C-UL and CE listed. 13 Watts. The product can work on a dimmer but may glow or flash when off and the range of dimming is 40%. Rated life up to 30,000 hours. Please see warranty at bottom of the page for warranty details. Life up to 30,000 hours. Great for security at night time. Keep your house or business illuminated at night time using these 13W led bulbs. The bulb is made of glass for long life. The male standard Edison screw base fits most USA fixtures. The diffused lens works good to make flood light bulb. The clear lens is best for focused spot lighting. The bulb operates cool to the touch to reduce heat that a normal incandescent bulb would create. The leds color is created by the filler material for white and warm white since these two colors are created from a blue led. The color leds are created by the led material. There are no painted lens to create the colors. Since the led is solid state that you will get a long life from the leds since there are no filaments to break. If used outdoors it is still recommended to keep the led light bulb sheltered from the environment such as a par38 light fixture. Since these bulbs used 90% less energy really helps on the electricity bill by using led light bulbs versus a halogen light bulb.47854 video review thumbnail