Video review of 28374 - GX24 2 Pin to E26 Converter

Product Code: 28374
GX24 2 Pin to E26 converter. The GX24 is a male socket. The E26 is a female socket. Made of PBT, copper and plastic materials. CE, ROHS. The starter and/or ballast will need to be bypassed if using a LED Light or a light bulb in the fixture. LED common converter fits GX24d-1, GX24d-2, GX24d-3. Rated 500 watts, 2 amps, 250 VAC. The PLT 2 pin has 3 wattage options 13w = GX24d-1, 18w = GX24d-2 and 26w = GX24d-328374 video review thumbnail