Video review of 44423 - 74 Led Bulb Flat 12 VDC

Product Code: 44423
74 Led Bulb available in super white, red, yellow, green, blue, ultra violet and color changing RGB. #74 (T5) Wedge Flat LED Light. 1 LED. Durable, shock and vibration proof, instant On/Off. Monochromatic pure color, low heat generation, virtually unbreakable. 12 VDC. The diameter of the bulb is .18 of an inch and the overall length is .81 of an inch. long life up to 30,000 hours, T1 3/4 or T1.75 is same as T5 glass wedge miniature bulb. Comparable to a 4W incandescent light bulb. The led lamp is dim-able using a 12V dashboard dimmer know. #74 (T5) comparable bulb #17 #18 #37 #70 #73 #79 #85 #86 #2721.44423 video review thumbnail