Video review of 36739 - 8 Watt Low Voltage 12 Volt LED Light Bulb

Product Code: 36739
500 Lumen output. Uses 8 Watts. Estimated light output 60-65 Watts. This bulb measures approximately 6.40 inches by 2.40 inches. This product only comes in white . This product is a NCNRNW, "Non Cancelable Non Returnable and Non Warranty" please see our store policies for more detail. Indoor and outdoor use. This is a very good product with long life up to 60,000 hours or more. IP Class: 62. Weight: 0.12kg. FCC, CE and RoHS listed. Body Type: Plastic. Luminous Efficacy: 71.4. Lumen maintenance: 500. Beam angle: 360 Degrees. Forward Lumen: (DW) 500LM. (WW) 450LM. Number of LEDs: 150. Unit Amps: 0.5833. LED Watts: 0.0448 W. Unit Watts: 6.72. 36739 video review thumbnail