Video review of 26847 - G12 LED Bulb 15 Watt 100-277 VAC 360 Degree

Product Code: 26847
G12 LED bulb 15 Watt. Comparable to 135 to 150 watt incandescent. Up to 2400 Lumen output. 360-degree viewing angle. RA>80. CRI>80. PF>.9. Wide line voltage 100-277 VAC. 50/60 Hz. Available in White 6000k, Warm White 3000K and Natural White 4500K. Uses 144 2835 SMD chips. Each chip can output up to 26 Lumens. Up to 100 Lumen per watt. The smd is made by Epistar for long life. Very pleasant design. Constructed using aluminum, poly carbonate materials. Dimensions: 5" long by 1.18" wide. This Not dim-able. Replaces high-intensity discharge HID metal halide MH or high-pressure sodium HPS. Please bypass or remove the ballast in the fixture. Long-life up to 30,000 hours. Reduce the need to hire expensive lifts. Easy to retrofit. Please disconnect or remove the ballast before using the Bi-Pin led bulb. By removing the ballast you save more energy and increase reliability. Please make sure to remove the wires off the ballast, trigger and capacitor so that there is no way that high voltage could be connected to the socket. If possible please remove the ballast, capacitor and trigger from the fixture. Please do not operate in an enclosed or restricted air fixture. CE Rohs and FCC certified. Each bulb is tested before shipping. Fits Single Ended T4.5 shape. Compatible with the following: CDM70 t6 830 mc39t6 mc39 Philips 28137-8 Unprotected Arc Tube 4200K 70 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Universal Burn CDM70/T6/942 ANSI C139/E mastercolor cdm t elite 50w 94226847 video review thumbnail