Video review of 87455 - 6V LED Headlight BA15D 60 SMD Dual Filament

Product Code: 87455
6V LED Headlight. Works 6V AC or 6V DC. 60 quantity 5730 smd leds. Optically filament aligned so you get maximum light output through your headlight fixture and lens. The headlight is dimmable using a variable voltage supply. Being dimmable helps out with the older vintage and classic vehicles voltage system and wiring is not 100%. There is a total of 16 forward firing and 44 side firing leds. Each 5730 uses up to 1/2 Watt of power. This bulb up to 950 Lumen or 70 MSCP for high beam. Low beam up to 500 Lumens or 40 CP for low beam. Compatible with C-6 filament designed light bulbs. Comparable to a 30 Watt to 55-56W Watt incandescent light bulb. This bulb works in both 6 volt negative ground and 6 volt positive ground vehicles, tractors and motorcycles. This lamp can operate 6 Volts and has both a low beam and a high beam filament. Long life up to 30,000 hours. Long warranty please see warranty details below. This 6v bulb shape will fit your headlight without any issues with installation. The shape is this bulbs is smaller than a normal BA15D headlight bulb. The maximum diameter is 1.058" inches. The maximum overall length is 1.944 inches. CE and Rohs listed. Extended warranty please see detail page for more details. The BA15D base has two bayonets that are same height and two contacts on the bottom. Uses about 1 Amp @ 6.3 Volts. To make low beam light please place ground or +6v on the base and the ground or +6v on one contact. For high beam place ground or +6v on the base and the other wire on the other contact to make high beam illuminate. Compatible with: #1158 1158 BA15D 919-1931 Ford 1926, 1927 Ford Model T 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932 Model A A-13007-C Snyders A-13007-D Snyders 6572BX Langs87455 video review thumbnail