Video review of 76536 - E26 to G23 4 Pin Converter

Product Code: 76536
E26 to G23 4 Pin Converter and G23 2 Pin. Use this G23 4 Pin converter to convert from G23 4 pin to E26/E27 base. There is no ballast, the metal contacts just provide continuity between the G23 4 pin and the E27. Easier to insert a converter instead of replacing the whole fixture. There is only 2 conductors and no electronics in this converter. Handles up to 250 VAC. The rated power is 500 Watts, 2 Amps. The output voltage and current will be the same as the input voltage and current. Save time and money using this converter. CE Rohs. Great for self ballested germicidal bulbs. This converter just has wires and no electronics internally so what ever voltage you screw the converter into is the same voltage that will be provided for the G23 bulb.76536 video review thumbnail