Video review of 48975 - G12 LED Bulb 25 Watt 100-277 VAC 24 Degree NCNRNW

Product Code: 48975
G12 LED bulb 25 Watt. Up to 2650 Lumen output. Operates from 100 to 277 VAC. 24 Degree viewing angle. The same of the bulb is similar to a par30. Comparable to a 270 Watt incandescent. Long-life up to 30,000 hours. This bulb is not dim-able. Available in White 6000K, Warm White 3000K and Daylight White 4500. 50/60Hz. Has a G12 male base that will fit a G12 female socket. Fits into a 6" recessed can. Since all the light output is forward-firing provides an excellent footprint. 50/60 Hz. CRI>80, RA>80, PF>.95. Made with SAN AN cob chip for long life and excellent color output. Please bypass or disable the ballast. Please remove the wires from the ballast, the capacitor and trigger so that it is impossible to have a higher voltage than your line voltage. For electronic ballast please remove all wires. Please physically remove the ballast if possible. Uses a G12 male base that fits a G12 female socket. The body is made from diecast aluminum for rugged and reliable use. Works well for car dealerships and shopping malls. 5.43" long and the diameter is 3.74". FCC and CE Rohs. This bulb can be use in a enclosed fixture 12 hours on and 12 hours off. The terminals are spaced 12mm apart. The reason this bulb is a NCNRNW non cancellable non returnable no warranty is because if the ballast is not bypassed when installed which voids the warranty. Compatible with: M139/E48975 video review thumbnail