Video review of 24614 - LED Bulb 9 Watt 12 Volt AC/DC E27 NCNRNW

Product Code: 24614
9 Watt low voltage LED Bulb. 70 watt incandescent equivalent. Low Voltage 12 Volts, long life up to 30,000 hours. CE and Rohs listed. Available in white and warm white. Great for off the grid, solar or remote applications. E27 base, up to 900 lumen output 360 degree. Aluminum material-champagne color, high heat dissipation efficiency, fogged glass globe, elegant appearance. This bulb is designed for 12 volt AC or DC applications. The reason this is a NCNRNW item is because it is easy to screw into a normal E27 socket that is wired for 120 VAC. Every bulb is tested before it is shipped.24614 video review thumbnail