Video review of 25454 - S25 BA15D 1142 27 SMD 5730 10 to 30 Volt AC 3 Watt

Product Code: 25454
S25 BA15D 1142 5730 SMD L.E.D. Bulb. Operates 10-30 V AC. Very bright up to 600 Lumen output. The low filament (taillight) has a output up to 450 Lumens. 3 Watt LED comparable to a 25 watt incandescent equivalent. Available in white 6000 K and warm white 3000 K Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. 360 Degree viewing, CE and Rohs listed, long life up to 30,000 hours. Made with Samsung LEDs. These LED bulbs are extremely reliable for marine, lakes, boat lifts, boats, navigation equipment, ponds, docks, buoys. The BA15D 1142 version is a single filament. For BA15S 1156 version the part number is 98785. For BAY15D 1157 version the part number is 66847. The base has two contacts and the bayonets are even. The base diameter is 15mm. Up to 30,000 hours. Up to 3 Watts, Up to .25 amps @ 12 volts.25454 video review thumbnail