Video review of 64789 - Flasher LED Universal Compatible 12 to 24 Volt DC 48 Watt

Product Code: 64789
Flasher Module Controller for LED lights. Operates on 12-24V. Nice and compact flasher design, as well as waterproof (Rated IP65). Very simple installation; simply tap OUT to the application first, then tap the IN to the power. With this being a universal flasher, it works great for cars, trucks, motorcycles, armored vehicles, electric bicycles, and much more. Has approximately 5" of wire on both sides. Approximately 2" long by 0.6" deep by 1.1" wide. The module allows you to convert the brake lamp to quickly strobe for 3 times, then flash for 3 times, and then light up constantly, allowing you to better alert vehicles behind you. Includes a 3M sticky strip for mounting. Improve safety warnings. 2 Patterns of blinking. Blinks fast 4 times then blinks slow 4 times, after blinking the flasher stays on. Great for automobiles, electric bicycles, tanks, armored vehicles. Water proof to help reliability and short circuit protection. Simple to install and very durable for long life low maintenance. The wide voltage of 12 to 24 volts DC makes blinker easy to install. The flasher can drive two 24 Watt loads for a total of 48 Watts per flasher. Great way to add more flashing to brake and stop lights. This is a 12v flashing led circuit. 64789 video review thumbnail