Video review of 34453 - XC-121 LED Light Flashlight Self Powered

Product Code: 34453
XC-121 LED Flashlight. Self powered. Built in cell phone charger for emergency recharging. A powerful 65db alarm. A compass for directions. Light in weight, small, easy to carry. No batteries needed. Never have to replace the bulb since it is a LED Light. This flashlight measures approximately 6.04 inches by 2.22 inches. Just a 3 minute charge by winding the handle will give you up to 10 minutes communication by your mobile and will illuminate 30 minutes. Flashlights illumination range is 5-10 meters with clear visibility at night. Please note that the power is suitable with the adapters supplied to fit the following mobile phones: Nokia, Motorola, Erricson, Siemans, and Samsung. 34453 video review thumbnail