Video review of 34546 - T5 Tube LED Light 8 Watt 120 VAC 3 Pin Connector

Product Code: 34546
500 Lumen output. 145 forward firing LEDs and only uses 8 watts of power. 120 VAC. The actual tube size without fixture is .60in x 48in and with the fixture its .90inx 48in x 1.83in. This light is not dimmable using a dimmer switch. Interconnect tube lights with Product Code: 94568 & 23624. Light comes included with mounting brackets (no screws) and 6 inch cord. Please make sure the T5 LED tube is seated properly in the T5 fixture. This can be done by gently removing the frost lens cover and then rotating the T5 tube until you feel it seat properly in the T5 socket.34546 video review thumbnail