Video review of 32896 - Power Supply 150 Watt Water Proof

Product Code: 32896
150 Watt Water Proof LED Power Supply With the dimensions of 9in long 2.54in thick and 4.79in wide. It is great for low voltage 12V DC Applications where water might be involved. The power supply can be ordered in 90-130V AC or 170-250V AC input. 12.5 Amp output of regulated 12V DC power for LED Lighting. There are 4 leads that can be up to 60 watts per connection but cannot exceed 150watts. So for example if you wanted to use all 4 leads you would divide 150 watts by 4 and you’ll get 37.5 watts per line or you can do 2 of the connections at 60 watts and one at 30 watts but do not go over 150 watts. To maintain water proof ratings please seal all connections.32896 video review thumbnail