Video review of 32465 - G24 2 Pin male to E27 female Converter

Product Code: 32465
G24 2 pin base male to E27 medium base female converter or adapter. This product works when you have a E26/E27 bulb and you need to use it in an G24 socket. The rated current is 2 amps. The rated voltage is 250 volts. The rated power is 500 watts. CE approved. This convertor measures approximately 2.54 inches by 1.47 inches. Fits g24d-1, g24d-2, g24d-3 sockets. Our base has no notches (LED Common base), so it is universal for all 2 pin G24 base products. The starter and/or ballast will need to be bypassed if using a LED light, incandescent or a Ballasted CFL in the fixture. The converter is called led common base, since it fits all of g24 2 pin fixtures. Please Note: You will need to BYPASS the BALLAST in your SYSTEM for this converter to work properly. The PLC 2 pin has 4 wattage options 10 and 13w = G24d-1, 18w = G24d-2, 26w = G24d-332465 video review thumbnail