Video review of 18634 - G4 GY6.35 JC 24 SMD Ultra Bright 12V Dimmable

Product Code: 18634
24 3528 SMD LEDs. Very Bright, up to 100 Lumen output. 12 Volts AC or DC. Uses only 0.08 Watts of energy and compares to a 20 to 30 Watt halogen bulb. This LED measures from top to bottom 1.52in and a diameter of 1.10in. GX4 base. JC and G4 are standard names for this product. Available in white and warm white. IP Class: 20. Ventilation: 85%. Weight: 12g. CE and RoHS listed. Luminous Efficacy: 52LM/W. Lumen maintenance: 75-100LM. Beam angle: 120 Degrees. Number of LEDs: 24PCS. LED Type: 3528 SMD. Unit Amps: 380mA. LED Watts: 0.2 W. Unit Watts: 1.9W. Forward Lumen: (DW) 100LM. (WW) 81.3LM. Kelvin: (DW) 559 K. (WW) 582 K. Dimmable with a dc voltage variable power supply.18634 video review thumbnail