Video review of 25614 - 5 Watt LED Light Flexible Neck & C-Clamp

Product Code: 25614
5 Watt LED Light Flexible Neck & C-Clamp. 120 VAC. 5 Watt L.E.D. desk lamp. Flexible neck make it great to focus the led lighting where it is needed. This led has a convenient on and off switch located at the back of the led. Up to 450 Lumen output. Very Bright. This product has a 19.5 in flexible neck with a clamp that measures 3.12 inches in length. The led diameter is 2.35 inches. The plug and cord have a 59 inch length. IP Class: 65. Weight: 550g. CE listed. Lens Type: Convex Lens. Body Type: Flexible Pipe. Luminous Efficacy: 340LM. Lumen maintenance: 400. Beam angle: 90 Degrees. Unit Amps: 300-350ma. LED Watts: 5 W. Unit Watts: 5. 25614 video review thumbnail