Video review of 32234 - Festoon Socket 31mm to 36 mm

Product Code: 32234
The festoon socket accepts festoons light bulbs from 31 mm to 36 mm. The tabs are solder able so you can add wire. The plastic housing has a mounting screw hole in the middle. Great for adding additional led lighting such as dome, marker lighting and accent L.E.D. lighting for your car or home low voltage applications from zero to 48 Volts DC or AC. This Festoon Socket measures approximately 2.06 inches by 0.86 inches by 0.48 inches. Mounting screw hole diameter is 0.15 inches. Distance from edge to mounting hole is 0.70 inches. CE and Rohs listed. Great for 6 volt or 12 volt motorcycle applications. The black plastic part dimensions are 1.630 inches long by .5 inches in width.32234 video review thumbnail