Video review of 73853 - Clip Light 3 Watt LED Low Voltage

Product Code: 73853
150 Lumen output. Greater than a 25 Watt incandescent light equivalent. 280 mA current consumption. Available in white 6500 Kelvin or warm white 3000 Kelvin. Long life of 30,000 hours. 30 Degree viewing angle. Hard wiring required. Operating voltage 12V AC or 12V DC. The wire is 2' long. The size of the unit is 4" in height and 4" Wide. No ultraviolet (UVA, UVB, UVB) or radiofrequency (RF) energy. Can be dimmed with a variable AC or DC voltage supply. Great for RVs, boats or where quick LED Lighting is needed. One per package. Comes with 3 wires, Brown wire= Positive (Hot), Blue wire= Negative, and Yellow wire= Ground.73853 video review thumbnail