Video review of 69878 - 1482 Miniature Bulb E10 Base 6 Volt 1 Watt T3 1/4

Product Code: 69878
E10 miniature screw base 6 Volt positive chassis or negative chassis. Since the E10 is no polarity or non polarity. The bulb low profile, long life up to 30,000 hours, low voltage. The bulb uses approximately 1 Watt at 6 Volts. Approximately 70 Lumen output. Single filament design. Long life. Low voltage for 6 volt only positive ground or negative ground applications. See product detail for warranty period. Available in white 6000k, warm white 3000k, red, green, blue and yellow. This led bulb is dim-able using a variable AC power such as the dimmer knob on the dashboard. Since this bulb is non polarity works great for pre world war II vehicles and motorcycles. Upgrade to this bulb for license, running, turn signal, interior for long life and low power. Since this bulb is non polarity you do not have to worry how the existing socket is wired since this bulb is non polarity. Save time and money by replacing arcade, pinball and other 6 volt ac hobbies with led bulbs. Good replacement for 6v led bulbs since this bulb is about the same size as the light bulb you are replacing. This bulb uses .080 Amps at 6 volts and draws only .001 Amp at 3.71 volts. The bulb is dim-able from 6 to 3.71 volts. T3 1/4 or T3.25. CE and Rohs certified. Since the leds are solid state you do not have to worry about broken bulb or a damaged filament. This bulb is compatible with the following: #40 #1482 #50 #133 #425 #502 #13469878 video review thumbnail