Video review of 84754 - LED T8 4 Foot 18W Type A/B DLC 100-277VAC G13

Product Code: 84754
The UL and DLC tube is approved to work either with a ballast or remove the ballast to save more energy. The LED tube uses 18 watts. Up to 1800 lumen output. The viewing angle is 270 degrees. The CRI is greater than 75. The power factor is greater than 95%. The lens is frosted. The tube is available in Daylight white 4400 K, White 5000 K. The tube is not dimmable. The power on both sides. Long life up to 30,000 hours or longer. The DLC is used for automated light control system to save even more money. This is a t8/t12 plug and play led. Compatible with: f15t8. The operating temperature is −40 °C to 125 °C.84754 video review thumbnail