Video review of 63456 - L.E.D. Electronic Display

Product Code: 63456
Electronic LED Light Display, programmable. Easy installation, easy to use remote control. Select and display a message with a single button press. Program your own texts fast and simple, self-adhesive mounting. Powered from a 12V/24V lighter outlet with 1m. cord. LED Screen and adjustable legs measure approximately 16.70 inches by 3.18 inches. This products led screen approximately measures 14.5 inches by 3 inches by 2.54 inches with the leds measuring approximately 9 inches by 1.45 inches. The charger approximately measures 1.08 inches by 3.58 inches. The remote approximately measures 2.18 inches by 6.5 inches with a 0.63 inch thickness. Very easy to use with the infrared remote control. 120V power supply NOT included, Any of our LED 12V power supplies will work for this light.63456 video review thumbnail