Video review of 43568 - G24 4 Pin to E26 Converter

Product Code: 43568
G24 4-pin male to E26 female converter. Use this adapter to convert to a E26 screw base and not have to change out fixture or replace the bulb to new base. Approx size 2.54ā€ x 1.50ā€. Please measure middle post BEFORE buying this converter. Rated up to 2 Amps and 277V or 544 watts. The middle post length of .82 (21 mm) base requires a shorter length base, please use GX24 4 Pin part number 15485. The starter and/or ballast will need to be bypassed. Common Questions: Can I use a G24 base plug into the existing Gx24 fitting ? The answer is NO they are not interchangeable converter sockets. The LED common base fits all sockets regardless of the notches/keying tabs. This converter works with Edison Medium base E26 based male bulbs rated up to 500 watts. Please Note: You will need to BYPASS the BALLAST in your SYSTEM for this converter to work properly. Measure existing bulbs middle post BEFORE buying this converter to ensure proper fit. Perfect for use on fixtures that use a PL-C bulb, that you want to use a normal bulb. Compatible with G24Q-1, G24Q-2, G24Q-3. Body is made of flame retardant PBT and contact material copper. CE and Rohs certified. Compatible with: Sylvania Lighting CF26DD/E/835/ECO/, Generic CFQ26W/G24q/835, Philips Lighting PL-C26W/835/4P/ALTO, GE Lighting F26BX/SPX35/4P 43568 video review thumbnail