Video review of 74276 - 258 Led Bulb E10 Screw Flat 6V to 12V DC

Product Code: 74276
258 Led Bulb Flat E10 Screw Base. 1 LED. Durable, shock and vibration proof, instant On/Off. Monochromatic (pure) color, low heat generation, virtually unbreakable. Available in super white, red, yellow amber, green, blue, ultra violet and color changing rgb. Uses .02 mA@13.8 VDC. Approximate size is .89in x .34in (height x diameter). Up to 7 Lumen output. Long life up to 30,000 hours. CE and Rohs listed. Dim-able with a variable DC power supply such as a dashboard dimmer switch. Great for dashboard indicators, glove box, dome light, instrument panels. Compatible replacement 1487 52 258 428 1446 1449 148774276 video review thumbnail