Video review of 46345 - MR16 5 Watt LED 12V AC or DC GU5.3 Dimmable

Product Code: 46345
MR16 5 Watt LED. Has a Multifaceted Reflector. Operates 12V AC/DC GU5.3 male base, 38 Degree Multifaceted Reflector controls how the beam is made. The MR16 is dimable using a dimming power supply. CE, ROHS, RU, UL & ETL listed. Uses only 5 watts, comparable to a 45 watt light bulb. GU5.3, GX5.3 male Base. Uses MCOB technology, for the newest in LED Lighting technology. Available in White 6000K, Daylight white 4500k and warm white 3000k. 2.25" long and 1.95" wide, MR16 pins are .26" apart. Up to 30,000 hours. Comparable to a 45 to 50 Watt incandescent MR16 but only uses 5 Watts of power. Less heat and less power using a led versus a incandescent bulb. The GU5.3 male base is push to fit in a GU5.3 female socket. Some old transformers might need to be replaced when upgrading from Halogen to led MR16. Compatible with: bpbab20wmr16 BAB. 46345 video review thumbnail