Video review of 85641 - Battery less Glow in the Dark 5 LED Hand Crank LED Flashlight

Product Code: 85641
LED Flashlight. Great flashlight to have when the power goes out or in a dark vehicle. Each LED is 12000 MCD. The product will glow in the dark and does not need batteries. Crank for up to 10 minutes and the unit will light for 2 hours or more. This product will glow in the dark and does not need batteries to power it. Simply rotating the magnetic ring clockwise and counter clockwise for one minute can sustain its use for up to 30 minutes. This LED flashlight comes equipped with a retracted rocker, 180 degree rotating light holder, adjustable switch to power brightness, USB connection cord and cell phone connection cord. This flashlight can be charged off of a computer using the USB cord. The only available color for this product is white. This LED is designed with an exterior cover adopts thermoplastic ABS resin. Approximate size is 3.90 in x 1.96 in x 1.30 in. This light works great you do not have to worry about bringing extra batteries, dead batteries. You also do not have to worry about the filament breaking because the L.E.D. light is solid state.85641 video review thumbnail