Video review of 79567 - PAR38 Ultra Bright LED 12 VAC E26 NCNRNW 30 Degree

Product Code: 79567
IP Class: 54. Weight: 390G. CE and RoHS listed. Luminous Efficacy: 80lm/w. Lumen maintenance: 80-90%. Forward Lumen: 480-500Lm. LED Watts: 0.06 W. Unit Watts: 6W. CRI: 70. Comparable to an 60 Watt Incandescent floodlight. Available in white 6000 Kelvin. Long life of up to 60,000 hours. 30 Degree viewing angle. PAR38 Ultra Bright LED Light with 108 LED's.E27 screw in base. Operating voltage 12V AC or 12V DC. 4.84 inches diameter x 5.56 inches height. PAR38 Ultra Bright LED Light series with super bright T5 LEDs. For indoor and outdoor use. Clear lens. Glass assembly. This LED Light has a dimmability of 0 to 60 percent. Perfect for outdoor LED flood lighting, security LED Lighting, party LED Lighting, decorative LED Lighting, plant grow lights, greenhouses, landscaping and other indoor and outdoor uses. One per package.79567 video review thumbnail