Video review of 63423 - Remote Control LED Light 12 Volt DC

Product Code: 63423
30 Super flux LEDs. Great for reading, photography, underneath cabinets. 330 Lumen output. Mounting hardware to mount light to cabinet, wall, brackets angled for LED Light angled mount. 120 VAC power cord include to operate at 120 VAC or 12 VDC without power supply. A Tripod is included great for photography, pictures, wall washing & reading. The current draw at its brightest setting is .5 amp and at the lowest setting the draw is .020 amps. The approximate dimensions are 11.09in x .86in x 1.69in. One remote control will control multiple units. The light can be dimmed up and down with the remote control or by the light unit itself. One remote control will operate multiple lights. Please see updated product 15456 for remote control LED light as an alternative. You may also build your own remote LED light with products 89435.63423 video review thumbnail